Tharai Thappattai- My Thoughts

Tharai Thappattai- My Thoughts

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It’s good to see faithful followers of Bala watch the movies in theatres.  Guess, only some directors get this attention these days where STARS get people to theatres.


Let me not say the following!!


·  His knack for extracting the best from the actors and their ability to live the characters (this is important especially for established actors who bring in many memories of their previous role and in the process can dilute!!...i.e, the reason some prefer new faces!!)


·  Cinematography and Music – that goes with the story line (the climax fight BGM can be mentioned separately!!)


·  Bala’s shots are there in plenty and some shots can remind about his previous movies …for example, the climax fight is so close to Pithamagan climax fight scenes


What I felt about this Bala film


·  He has taken a very unusual plot of karagattam/folk dance troupe in these days of selfie/YouTube world and tried to build a wafer thin story line around the same.  We all know most of the arts are slowly degenerating and soon might get eclipsed. Possibly, Bala might have wanted to highlight the same and it makes a very interesting plot also.


·  The villains can be many like Karuppaiah or the wealthy family or the astrologer!! Of course the gruesome part is taken by Karuppaiah…. Bala has kept Karuppaiah shots in a limited manner and ensured the audience gets disturbed greatly, so that the climax scene we all want him dead! In the process, in typical Bala style the dialogues are made and we witness the tragedy of seeing Sooravalli dead.


·  It looked like to fill the second half some of the scenes were kept and there is a reinforcement message of the pitiable conditions of the folk dance group.


·  Guess the intensity of the main characters take the film through and Congrats to Bala for making another strong film!!


Tharai Thappattai is all about Maestro and Bala!


Sri Ram

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