Phantom - Review

Phantom - Review

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Let me tell you one thing about the Indian directors - these are the persons who know very well when, how, and in what way to use a good script. Director Kabir Khan is one of them. I don't mind how poorly he had sculpted EK THA TIGER, but instead, he impressed me and almost every viewer with his last film BAJRANGI BHIAJAAN, which talked about peace. This time, he comes with an even powerful PHANTOM, and after watching it, every Indian viewer would be delighted. How, let's analyze.


It's an out and out Saif Ali Khan movie, who impresses big time. It was long time since I had seen him in such a role. Really, I can say that this is his best film ever. Katrina has a strong role, but looks and acts more like what was her character in EK THA TIGER. Zeeshan is once again terrific and gives a powerful performance. Rest of the cast does its part extremely well.


Another thing is that the film is made on such an issue that strikes correct notes with almost every Indian viewer. Undoubtedly, the film is too brave and energetic in its presentation, but the main thing it focuses on is the sacrifice of our brave Indian soldiers. For instance, the climax really left me emotional and I kept thinking about the film even when it was over. The film's fast paced screenplay adds to the energy of the film. Believe me, there's not even a single moment of boredom. The film fills every, almost every viewer with full of energy and patriotism. Another thing is that it isn't a controversial film at all.


The songs are placed not for long and at right times only. PHANTOM has a pleasant music, especially the song AFGHAN JALEBI, which is quite impactful and leaves you humming it. The editing is excellent and the locations are shot very well. The action scenes are just amazing and wonderfully executed. The thrills in the storyline keep you to the edge of your seats.


To be honest, PHANTOM also has such a patriotic flavor that no Indian would be able to actually resist watching this action packed film. And plus, the violence isn't always intense, and so the film isn't unsuitable for young viewers. The film is rated U/A and is family friendly, with no vulgarity or obscenity in any scene or dialogue.


Before watching this film, what came to my mind was Kabir Khan's poorly executed EK THA TIGER, which was also supposed to be a racy espionage action thriller, but turned out to be romantic thriller instead. Happily, this thing doesn't happen in the case of PHANTOM and its focus remains only on its story and its message.


Overall, PHANTOM is a powerful and energetic patriotic action thriller that deserves a watch and the love of all Indians. Don't miss this one. Simply go for it.


Rating : 4.5/5

Prashast Singh

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