Krrish 3

Krrish 3

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Indian cinema witnesses films like KRRISH 3 once in a year. Since KRRISH was a cool entertainer and a superhit film, there were similar expectations around this sequel of KRRISH. The first look and promo were quite impressive, which added to the curiosity for the film. Still, I had a feeling that this film might not be a great one since its promo looked copied.


After watching this film I realized that I wasn't wrong in thinking that Krrish 3 wouldn't be able to match up with Krrish, the first part. The excessive romantic scenes, pointless music and story don't leave anything much special for the audience, but technically, the film is good. Otherwise it is just an average attempt by the makers.


The fights, VFX and Locations are good. Hrithik is once again back in form. He proves himself superior to other actors with his awesome performance. Priyanka and Kangana don't have much to do on screen. Even Vivek Oberoi looks exaggerated as the villain Kaal. The comedy of Rajpal Yadav doesn't have much scope for this time. The VFX has made Krrish look new and entertaining, as a superhero. Thanks to SRK whose VFX company has made it look like a master film, although it is not really like that. The emotional scenes are necessary for any film but the film didn't have them much. I would not really appreciate the makers for making such an average film with good action, VFX but a completely disconnected story and bad music.


This doesn't anyhow mean that KRRISH 3 is a completely poor flick. The film is at best an average film (not even above average) which is watchable in parts. In the entire film, I liked only the climax action scene, and the interval scene. In other words, the film remains watchable only when it's first half and second half are about to come to an end!


The film is although rated U, yet there are a few parts not suitable for kids. There is an overdose of blood and gore, there are a few kisses, and a few things I will not reveal.


On the whole, Krrish 3 is a film that can be watched by all, but will be relished mostly by kids. An average film overall!


Bottomline: Not an impressive film, but yet go in with low expectations, and the film will make you sit through.


Rating: 2.5/5


Prashast Singh

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