Thagaraaru - Three On One

Thagaraaru - Three On One

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Arulnidhi is seen in action after the sleeper hit ‘Mounaguru’ and it is not impressive like his suspense drama a year ago.

Four friends – Arulnidhi (Saravanan), Pawan (Senthil), Tarun Shatriya (Pazhani), Murugadoss (Aarumugam) of Aadukalam fame; make a living on looting the houses and it lands them in trouble after trouble as usual. Poorna (Meenachi) is shown as a bold lady who is not scared of anyone and her father Jayaprakash's portrayal as the heavy head in the city follows the textbook of Madurai movies. They even comment about themselves as don't love a Madurai girl it will be either Kadhal or Subramaniyapuram. The first part had hardly anything new.

They quickly make police as their foe. Aruldoss, to whom they did a job and demanded more money; also gets angry on them. Meanwhile hero gets beaten up by Jayaprakash's men, for that Pawan and Tarun turn their love for his friend as anger on Poorna. She gets irritated as well being a free-bird girl but speaks to Arulnidhi as he is lucky to have them as his companions. Jayaprakash send his men to hunt down the guys too due to trouble created by our friends in his house. At night, there was a successful murder attempt. It was targetted on Pawan but Tarun Shatriya falls for it. It signals the break and you are intended to think this is going to be the same old Madurai movie, but it might be slightly different in execution of the later part.

There were some attempts at comedy but hardly anything better than an attempt. After the break there was a policeman too found dead at the spot. You are bound to be suspecting on three persons. The vengeance of friends is the rest of the story. In the interesting turn of things you get to think of a possible fourth angle in Aruldoss’s opposite parties from whom the friends steal an idol.

Editing by T.S.Suresh was a good boost to this story in the later stages and camera of Dillraj was able to convey the scenes successfully and clearly. Screenplay at the start could’ve been better but no different scenes possible in this type of stories and hence the apologies may be accepted. Songs were composed by Dharan and the background score was by Praveen Sathya. ‘Thiruttu Payapulla’ alone is satisfying and the score gets better in later stages but there is always scope for improvement. The climax might surprise you in the end.

You are bored when they again talk of a left handed personality as its been the tradition in cinema to use it as an important factor but credits to the director Ganesh Vinayak for handling it very well in the end. The scenes were well planned in the later part yet this too falls into the category of ‘good but could’ve been better’.

Arulnidhi was good on screen as a young man who feels friendship is more important than love. He may be more successful in the future if he chooses to be different. Poorna might feel that this movie may bring her more chances.

A typical ‘Madurai movie’, with a reality finish. Friendship, Love and Action.

Marks: 5.5/10

Pradeep Kalamegam

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