Review for Public Funded Kannada Movie Lucia

Review for Public Funded Kannada Movie Lucia

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Lucia - Pawan Kumar's Lucid dreaming about Kannada Industry comes true.


Lucia - Dear Director where were you all these years? We had been looking for you... Where do I start, what do I say? Bangalore, Karnataka has been a happening place ever since 70s and 80s till date. We had and have been best in anything, you name it and people enjoy it here, not just me everyone loves my city, I am blessed to have been born in this Heavenly city. But... I had always wondered why is our film industry not upto the standards, we cannot compete with Telugu Cinema or Tamil Cinema or even Hindi Cinema which is officially named Bollywood derived from Hollywood. We had great visionary like Shankar Nag but he is no more, but time aint too far for Kannada Industry too. Watching this kind of movie in Kannada was my long held dream. Finally I guess my dreams would come true. 

Lucia one of the greatest movies ever made in history of Indian Cinema and one of its kind. I am not going to touch the core subject. Movie itself is 3 layered dream. But I felt that apart from Dream layers the movie is multilayered with 2 stories but second layered isn't very clear as it justifies at places and some places it doesn't. But I felt that Director's thoughts has manured the very protagonist well and I saw just the the director in the protagonist. The whole concept of the movie is "Your life is someone else's dream" but beyond I felt that Director had SLIGHTLY portayed the actual state of Kannada Cinema Industry. 

For example, a distributor explaining the state of Kannada theatres where no one wishes to watch Kannada Movies. Distributor offers Tamil or Telugu movies and Shankar ignores and insits only Kannada movies. Tamil Director, Producer from Andhra Pradesh to do a Kannada movie . Actor who is against doing Item numbers but is forced to do. Looks likes its been Director's dream and has shown it through Nikki's dreams in Black and White, to see a movie without item numbers. All the Dream sequences in movie are black and white and ofcourse to differentiate. When Nikki says that he needs to get Shankaranna's dream come true I remembered Shankar Nag (I dont know if it was intensional to have the role's name as Shankar) and finally he realizes that a beautiful theatre is made with things that he already had. May be Director wants to prove that Kannada industry can be made beautiful with the available techicians present in the industry. Just like how Theatre in the movie was made with available resources. 

The explaination given to meaning of Lucia in the movie is is connected to Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is a scientific term used to people who practice dreaming with conscious. Where in a person realizes that he is dreaming and yet dreams and sometimes one also gets to lead a dream according to his convinence hence the tablet was named as Lucia. I think its easy to connect that concept with Director's Lucid dream about Kannada Industry with the name of this Movie - LUCIA. Proving that his Lucid dreaming about Kannada has come true with the release of this movie. 

Not much of symbolisms used the movie except for the color change to differentiate between Dream and Reality. One thing to be noticed is that when he is in reality he dreams of being a rich man and in dream state while he is rich he wishes to be a normal Human being and matches the tag line "Your life is someone else's dream" very well. Finally the whole movie is a dream :) Nikki settles his life with the same theatre with his wife getting a pizza from the same pizza resto.  

Besides all these casting was perfect, acting by protoganist was impeccable and so was of Shruthi's. Camera works and VFX works were feast to our eyes. 

The last time my brain was awestuck was for Vishwaroopam. I thought only Kamal Hassan and Upendra as Director are Brain smashers with their screenplay in India but we have Pawan Kumar added to the list. With multiple viewing of Lucia I would understand the movie much better, as I still have loads of doubts. Whats so ever am really happy to see Kannada movies taking daring dimensions to race World Cinema. 

Verdict - Lucia is a Brain Calibrator....... Dear World, WE ARE COMING....


Harish Tinkku

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