Moodar Koodam Movie Review by Common Man

Moodar Koodam Movie Review by Common Man

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Moodar Koodam – Teaser of the movie was quite unique and raised some expectation for the movie. Director Naveen was Assistant Director of Simbudevan & Pandiaraj. He has helped his Assistant director by distributing this movie under his banner “Pasanga Productions”. Let us see whether it will satisfy the common man in this review.

Story: Meaning of Moodar Koodam means “FOOLS GATHERING. Soodhu Kavvum talks about 4 unemployed youngsters who try to Kidnap. Moodar Koodam talks about 4 fools who try to Rob in a house. Almost every director or hero used to say that their movie is completely different (though it may look like remake of 1970’S Movies). But, storytelling format of this movie is really different and it is new to our Tamil Cinema.

Naveen – Naveen plays one of the 4 leading roles and he is also the director & producer of this movie. As an actor, he has made a decent debut. As a director, he has made a promising debut as Dialogues in the movie were awesome. As a producer, he has selected the best script as the whole movie happens inside a house.

Oviya – After her debut movie “Kalavani”, she didn’t get much opportunity to perform in her career. The list continues as she had been used as a glamour doll in this movie too.

Sentrayan   - He is the real hero of this movie. His scenes were so funny and he has lived the character. His expressions in few scenes were absolutely brilliant.

Jayaprakash & Anupama Kumar as Supporting Actors, have performed well as usual.

Music by Nataraj Sankaran was good. There are no duet songs in the movie. Songs don’t impact the flow of the movie as they were part of the screenplay. Almost all the character in the movie, including dog & doll have a flash back with a song or music track. One of the songs even has complete animated version. It will be a new experience to our Tamil Audience. But, Dog’s flashback song may not go well with most of the audience.

Director Naveen makes a decent debut as Actor and excellent debut as Director to Tamil Cinema. He has given a completely new format to our Tamil Cinema, which will be appreciated by ‘A’ Center Audience only. He has taken a serious story in this movie, but has narrated it in such a way, that will make the audience laugh in most of the scenes.

Movie runs for more than 150 minutes which will test the patience of the audience as there is absolutely no story and the whole movie happens inside the house. It may even look like an extended version of short film. Flashback scenes & Message oriented dialogues were good. But, overdose of it may irritate the audience.

50% of the people who liked Soodhu Kavvum will like this movie. 50% of the people who liked “Neram” Movie may like this movie. People, who didn’t like Soodhu Kavvum & Neram, please give it a miss. Certain section of audience will love this movie, while the rest may hate this movie.

Overall, it is yet another experimental movie w ith awesome dialogues & unique story telling format which will be appreciated only by certain section of audience.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

Rating of this movie for people who encourage Unique Movies – 3.25 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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