Premam - Azhage.. Malare.

Premam - Azhage.. Malare.

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Premam, second movie from Alphonse Puthren who gave us a bilingual Neram, which really caught my eye and also introduced Nivin Pauly and Nazria to me. Premam is about Nivin's three stages of love. When he was in school, then during his final year of college and when he was an adult. It was like Autograph, but this was even more fun.


Alphonse Puthren has given his best in his second movie. And, Nivin as usual was fantastic and it was really a treat to watch him on screen. I thought Oru Vadakkan Selfie is going to be the best of his movie this year, but this one was even better. 


First love was fun, where almost all the boys in her neighborhood follows Mary when she leaves her tuition centre. And, she chooses someone else and Nivin ends up helping them in their love. This part was pictured in most beautiful locale. How green is Kerala, fantastic!


Second love was the best in the movie. It happens during his final year in college when he fell in love with a Tamil speaking guest lecturer Malar. She looks so lovely and her Kuthu dance was terrific that was literally stunning. If I have seen the title credits correctly, I think she's the one who choreographed the Rockankuthu song. Looking forward to see her in more films. And, there was another lecturer who loves Malar teacher one-sided. He was fun who even asks Nivin himself to help him and he teaches Mava sorry Java. Nivin’s rugged look in this part suits him well and maintains that “gethu”. And, this love ends in a tragic way.


The third and final part's love story comes with an unexpected twist. It may look a bit too much, but you still got to love it. The director himself does a cameo in this part.


Music was really fantastic. Aluva and Malare songs were too good, especially Malare with Malar teacher. And, Scene Contra was a different love failure song. The interval looked forced as if just because it was mandatory like a strategic timeout in IPL when the team was going good. And, cinematography was rich and the director himself is the editor as well so that part was handled well.


All three ladies were beautiful, but we came out in love with Malar teacher. Nivin's two friends also come along with him throughout the movie and provide enough laughs. We got some 70% of the jokes, I wish they had released it in Tamil also like Neram or at least could have added subs, but never mind.


Easily the best romantic movie of this year so far. After OKK, this movie puts a smile on your face from the start until it ends and I loved this even more than OKK.


The movie’s running length was big, but you never feel it. Premam was like a long ride on a rainy day in an empty road with Raja sir songs for company. You just wish the ride goes on and on.


My Rating - 5.0/5.0. Not to be missed.



Chandhu Sivaswamy

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