Masss Review from South Africa

Masss Review from South Africa

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After successive hits with his first five films, director Venkat Prabhu delivers what is probably his best film to date – Massu Engira Masilamani. The film stars Suriya, Nayanthara and Premgi Amaren in the lead roles. The impressive supporting cast includes R. Parthiban, Pranitha, Samuthirakani, Karunas, Shriman, Rajendran, Riyaz Khan, Manobala, Bhramanandam, and Subbu Panchu. There are also special guest appearances by Jai, Vijay Vasanth and Aravind Akash.


Plot Summary (Contains NO spoilers)

Masss or Masilamani (Suriya) is a conman who devises numerous schemes to get his hands each time on large sums of money. His priorities change somewhat when he meets the Malini (Nayanthara) a nurse who is struggling to obtain a permanent position in the hospital where she works. After a brief romance, Massu decides to help Malini but things don’t quite go as planned.



Suriya plays his role to perfection, moving effortlessly from emotion to emotion and donning various looks. His is an imposing screen presence that dwarfs the efforts of the others. Premgi Amaren is in scintillating form with many delightful one-liners and his characteristic expressive face. Nayanthara does well but does not have much screen time. R.Parthiban is in yet another delightful role that leaves one longing for more. Rajendran, Shriman and Pranitha are the best of the others.


Screenplay and scripting

Despite a relatively slow start to the film there is hardly a dull moment from the opening to closing credits. There are many references to films, old and new, and some brilliantly satirical lines and scenes. Venkat Prabhu has kept his audience fully engaged with many twists and surprises and still managing to infuse elements of comedy, drama, romance, the supernatural and action. The film also touches on various pertinent social issues.


Soundtrack and Music

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is top notch but his songs fall way below expectations. With the exception of the title song, the only other memorable song is Poochaandi.



R.D. Rajasekar’s cinematography was, for most of the film, very impressive.



Venkat Prabhu clearly did not set out to make a landmark exploratory or experimental film. Instead he has created a family film designed to provide escapist entertainment. I do, however, think that an all-ages rating was generous.



Masss is delightful entertainment with many twists and turns to keep one engaged. Its strong comedy quotient makes it one of the most entertaining films of this year.


Rating :8 / 10





Devan Nair

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