Nee-naa - Malayalam movie review

Nee-naa - Malayalam movie review

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Nee-naa : Not often you come across movies that could display the most complex emotions in a more subtle way.. Nee-naa is one such movie that runs high on emotions, but rightly goes accurately low on the way it needs to be depicted, such that it never undermines the understanding power of the audience and gets to leave them with the room for more thoughts..


This movie is about an alcoholic Tom boyish girl who falls for her middle aged, married Gentleman boss.


The way the boss balances his married life and his 'friendly' concern for Nee-naa to bring her out of her addiction, Nee-naa's perseverance towards her futile love, and more importantly the boss ' wife's trust and love for her hubby have been perfectly blended throughout the story without an iota of over dosage that you get to empathize with all the three  main characters when they play their bit..


Want to watch a subtle yet striking drama that could send a lump down your throat? Go watch "Nee-naa"  :)

Siddharth Prasanna

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