Feminism in Indian Homes- 36 Vayadhinile

Feminism in Indian Homes- 36 Vayadhinile

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Every bit of the movie, every scene and moment has been fulfilled meticulously by Jyothika.  I want to dedicate this review to Jyothika and this marvelous film 36 Vayadhinile.


There are numerous scenes where she shines like a star, but one specific one is my favorite where she visits the poor old lady. She is welcomed to sit inside the hut and Jyothika effortlessly gives a stunning performance with just facial expressions. Reacting to the sad story of the lady, who is abandoned by her sons,  Jyothika controls her emotions, every ounce of tear that she doesn’t want to shed and yet makes the audience shed their part. Bravo Jyothika for picking such a great role and enacting it so well, that I’m sure many women all over the world watching the film, are jumping in joy and emotions, as they relate to you in your story as theirs.


Now let me come to the core of the film – Household Business. How many of you treat women with respect, respecting her dreams and allowing her to fulfill her path and not just looking at them as a house maker. For many women, being the best house maker could be their dream and they feel fulfilled and contend, but what if they were fooled to believe so. It is important that they get a chance and sadly a chance which is their right, to realize their full potential. How many of you as fathers, brothers and husbands give the women in your family equal status and demand yourself to ask her what she really wants ? In this age of Facebook and whatsapp, do you let the older traditions be an excuse and not challenge the limitations that bar the women to come out and lead ?


To me the movie is reflection of our society and the thought that it has embedded in our head for ages and how every opportunity we have to treat the women around us with equality and how ignorant we could be, if we miss out on those. So I ask everyone to take a moment in their day and think about how their words, actions, beliefs are belittling the efforts and contribution of the women around them. It’s time to be accountable in whatever role you play at your home and ask them.


Let’s not wait for the government policy or wave of women leaders to dominate and then get inspired to give long deserving women in our own family, at our home – a chance. Apologies, not a chance, a right by birth.


Kudos to the director, the crew and the producer of the film. Great subject and well executed.


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