Massu- Visitor Review

Massu- Visitor Review

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Massu is a movie that works in parts. Venkat Prabhu has chosen an age old template and cleverly spreads his cinematic acumen in the screenplay. But a template always gets static and an age old template like this can never get OMG interesting, though the screenplay is kind of engaging. Though a decently knit screenplay, VP has kept it sans boredom.

The scene where ghosts crawl and approach Suriya and Premgi were not less than boring. Maybe VP tried to emphasize on his fact that ghosts only trouble you and not harm or attack you?


VP should have drawn a thin line between what ghosts can do and what they can't do in his movie. In one scene, they physically help in attacking the villain and in the other scene they don't do that. In one scene they couldn't handle cash and in the immediate scene, they meddle with vessels. Blatantly illogical. Audiences are a lot more intelligent these days..

You can gain the power of seeing ghosts through an accident and lose it in another accident? I'm not able to buy that. Comedy is a tad little lower than VP's standards.. Many comedies were clichéd and archaic.

Parthepan's one liners were pucca.. One of the best in recent times. Motta Rajendran was hilarious. Tribute to older movies like Engeyum Eppodhum and Katthi was a novel idea.

To the maximum, VP has tried to make his ghosts 'emote' differently than all the erstwhile ghosts in Tamil Cinema, which is appreciable. Like he has cleverly avoided ghosts waving a goodbye in the last scene after their part is over.

Suriya was dashing as the dad and striking as the son.. His Ceylon Tamil was perfect.  I doubt if any other hero, be it the salt and pepper wala or the punch dialogue wala could pull off the dad ghost's role that involved a lot of seriousness and suaveness. That makes you call Suriya as 'Mass' despite the movie not being really 'Mass' or a 'Sixer'.

It is a movie that bats against an age old template and just manages to draw it close.. 

Siddharth Prasanna

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