Pizza2 -The Villa Retrospect

Pizza2 -The Villa Retrospect

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A Sequel to a movie only by its name alone is completely unachieved in our film industry but the objective has been accomplished now and that is what Villa is. This is completely different from Pizza and here it's all serious business. 
Villa is all about an infamous and broken wannabe writer who came to know about his father's secret asset, a villa only after his dad's death. When he steps in to the villa, his every single wish came true but what he doesn't know is that all of them are pre-defined and this where the mind games begins.
First things first, Never ever keep Pizza in your mind when you walk in to the theater coz it's just a second product from a brand but completely a different one. The movie begins with some intro sequences for the characters but after five minutes it gains jet power and rushes towards the interval without any halt. The director attempts a new type of horrifying moments and was well supported by the CG department precisely in the intermission block.
Ashok was apt for the role and he pulls out fear, anger and disappointment easily, he graces the role nicely. Sanchita Shetty did her part well as his GF and the rest of the characters did their best. The movie is a wholesome package of brilliant technical team be it the Music or Art or Editing or Cinematography, its pure bliss, kudos to all of them. Santhosh Narayan's background score and Deepak's Cinematography will take you to the situation and gives you the thrilling feel.
The movie slightly defines our ancestor’s thoughts and practice on negative energy which is indeed a new concept but the power required for all these horrifying sequences are not powerful enough. It slightly gives a déjà vu feel on '7am arivu'. The unstoppable speed of the first half gets reduced in the second half and this where the screenplay drags a little. The director is confused slightly on differentiating the memories and the ghost.
After all these hurdles, the director bounce back in the climax which is really done well, with the runtime of crispy 142 minutes this pizza is also hot enough. 
Verdict - Innovative Story with brilliant technical side, definitely worthy for one time.
nivaz r

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