Directors should learn from Deepan

Directors should learn from Deepan

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hi all,
After a long long time, I'm satisfied that I've seen a good cinema. This happens to me after I watched Villa. A clinical movie. No Tasmac scenes, no sexy outfits from the female lead, no item song, no double meaning dialogues and comedy tracks. Most importantly great explanation about SANATHANA DHARMA (Hindu) formalities.
I don't want to reveal the story here. But I want to expose the things which are rare nowadays in Tamil cinema. You can watch this movie with your family. Yes, of course, with your family.
As I said above, in many aspects this is a movie which duly completed its duty to the society. The reason why MGR was treated as GOD is the message he passes to the society. In most MGR films, on those days, villains and heroes had their identity by their character. The baddy's identities are regular alcoholic, does some smuggling or a thief. 
But in contrast to the villain, MGR is very good person, Respects the elders and old age peoples. No bad habits,after all, he revenges the villain in the way of law.  And also Ramarajan who also inspired me for his films for the same kind of reasons. So both of them passed the positive thoughts and energy to the fans as well as to the society.
But nowadays, the identity of villain & hero are same. Villain identities are considered to be hero. Hero does all the bad things (billa, aarambam, mangatha and some rowdy like films of other heroes) which leads the society and young generation in the same way as the heroes do in the screen.
Coming back to Villa, director Deepan did not want those bad elements to deliver or succeed in his movie. From cast to technical crew, all have done what they must do. And its hard to find any mistakes or logical errors in the movie. That's why I said its a clinical movie. 
I've told that this movie completed its duty. Let me explain that, one line of the movie is " negative energy neither created nor destroyed" so its better stay away from the kind of thoughts in our mind. That's why our ancestors told us " NALLATHE NINAI NALLATHE NADAKKUM" "நல்லதே நினை நல்லதே நடக்கும்"  this is the message conveyed to the society in the decent manner. As far as i know no movie conveyed this message in such a decent manner.
Cinema is the mass media. In old days stage dramas were used to deliver good morals to the society. The modernised drama (so called cinema) has the same duty and it has wide coverage to reach the society & world faster than the stage dramas. But very very very few films are doing them. Others are known for commercial and heroism only.
I've many to say about this movie. But don't want to eat reader's time. Better you all watch the movie and put your views/reviews.
rajagopal lakshminarayanan

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