Papanasam – Movie Review

Papanasam – Movie Review

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After a series of big budget movies with a not-so-great content, PAPANASAM comes as a big relief. There is nothing artificial about this. Everything is kept very simple. No big fuss about anything. Even the title card showing KAMAL HAASAN’s name didn’t have any gloss or unwanted grandeur.


Remakes are always dragged into comparison with the original – whether we like it or not. However, this movie will stand apart in spite of all those comparisons. Firstly, the story is told in a very straight forward manner without any forced complications. Whatever complications arise in the story are all natural and so people could relate to it; secondly, the performance of all the artistes. It’s hard to pin point someone and say that he/she has acted. Everyone’s reaction was so natural. Thirdly, the BGM – gives the movie that necessary push. Finally, even though it runs for 3 hours, not a single scene is boring or forced. It’s hard to achieve this now-a-days.


I would not say this is a KAMAL HAASAN’s movie – in the sense that, you would hardly see his own opinions thrust into it, which otherwise in his movies, is usually the case. The story and screenplay are the clear winners and for that a big congrats to director Jeethu Joseph. Kamal’s decision to act in this one definitely needs to be appreciated.


Performance wise, there is hardly any flaw. Everyone fitted into the roles – be it miniscule or major ones – perfectly. I seriously doubt if there is anything left for KAMAL to showcase his acting histrionics. The climax stands out. Both KAMAL and ANANTH MAHADVEN had done good job in that scene. Otherwise, people who have seen lot of KAMAL’s movies will agree that this performance is just another cakewalk for him.


As for the story, anything which relates to the common man will appeal, as long as it is told in a manner which everyone can understand and irrespective of whosoever acts, it will stand out. The story on the surface is this – what happens if a common man is put in a situation where he has to safeguard his family’s future come what may. However, if you view it at a deeper level – you will be asked the questions like – what happens to the so called morals of life when you are put in a helpless situation? What do you do? How would you react?


The initial few minutes of the movie were tough for me to understand due to the Nellai dialect, but once I got a grip of it, I enjoyed it. Gauthami’s comeback after 9 years is a welcome one, though at some places, her dubbing could have been better. Nivedha Thomas, as Kamal’s elder daughter acted well. Kalabhavan Mani’s role deserves special mention. However, the surprise package was ANANTH MAHADEVAN. In the minimum screen time, he had done justice to his role, though sometimes, it was difficult to understand what he speaks. The climax scene with KAMAL will stand out for sure.


It’s refreshing to see a movie after a long time based on family, morals, and values and so on. These are very simple things – but difficult at the same time to live with them. Movies based on these values should come more often as we are in a fast forward society and movies like these are reminders to us that there are better things in life worth living for.



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