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Miruthan - Visitor Review

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Miruthan,directed by Shakthi soundar Rajan,who achieved reasonable success through his debut movie  Naanayam,following it up with the sleeper hit Naaigal Jaakrathai,has come up with a relatively unheard kind of "genre" for Tamil Cinema-"ZOMBIES"


Though such zombie movies prove to be a commonplace in Hollywood, for the normal Tamil viewer, this film certainly offers a plethora of opportunities in terms of viewing experience and thrills associated with such movies.Kudos to the Director for going ahead with such a premise, and he also succeeds partly in producing a decent movie with a limited budget


Once again Jayam Ravi showcases his mettle as a seasoned campaigner,as he effortlessly fits into the role of a Traffic Inspector and delivers what is needed of him.His Fan Base seems to be growing leaps and bounds in recent times,and this talented actor certainly deserves it big time.Another notable mention should be "Kaali" Venkat, as his comic one liners throughout the entire run time of the movie, tickles the funny bones of audiences. Lakshmi Menon too, seamlessly transcends in her role of a Doctor, and yet again proves she has enormous potential to be unearthed. Look out for this talented girl directors!


As the genre demands, lot of bloodshed occurs, which prove to be an eyesore beyond certain limits. One must definitely appreciate the Production Unit, as assembling and organizing such humongous number of junior artistes for the "Zombie" roles is not an easy task. Also CG works are praiseworthy, given the shoestring budget at their disposal.Music by D.Imman certainly proves to be a pillar of strength, as he impresses big time through his  BGM and soulful RR, especially in the climax stages, as 'Mirutha Mirutha' and 'Munnal Kadhali' prove to be definite hit numbers.


Given all these facts, it appears that some thought-process should have gone into the second half of the movie, as the film meanders aimlessly towards the end, and the climax portions certainly needed a changeover, as Ravi, destroys the entire army of zombies single handedly, which does not go well with audiences.


For audiences not familiar with zombie movies, this movie definitely strikes a chord, though the overdose of violence could have been trimmed a bit. The Director definitely needs a pat on the back for going ahead with a different movie.


MIRUTHAN- Shakes you up a bit, but not entirely!

Karthik Ramalingam
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