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Tamil films from the last 25 years

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For many people, Tamil cinema has always been a place for many unique and interesting films to be made. Many amazing talents and stories have come out from the Tamil industry. But I've always been asked this question by people who are new to watching Tamil films or wanting to have a Tamil movie marathon: what movie should I watch? It's always a tricky question because there is so much films to list out. So, as a little guide to help out those who need suggestions, here's a list of films from the last 25 years, with each year having 3 of my personal picks of that year (in no particular order) to recommend. Please note that this list is not the best films from the last 25 years. This list is just my mission is to help you get some suggestions so that when you sit back and start your marathon, you will be divulging a variety of great entertaining cinema.


Thalapathi - Directed by the legendary Mani Ratnam, this film saw a combination of some of the best of the best in their respective fields. With powerful performances from Rajinikanth, Mamooty, Aravind Swamy, and Amrish Puri to name a few, the film story was an interesting modern take on the Mahabaratha. The film also saw the last time Illaiyaraja and Ratnam working together, with some of the best and most memorable music from the duo's collaboration being produced for the film.


Guna - There are actors, and then there is Kamal Hassan. Guna is a key example as to why Kamal Hassan is considered one of the, if not, greatest Tamil actors of all time. Telling the story of a mentally challenged man obsessed with a woman that he has never met, the film is interesting take on human psychology and love.

Chinna Thambi - One of the biggest hits in actor Prabhu's career, Chinna Thambi is a great example of commercial cinema done well. Directed by P. Vasu, Chinna Thambi follows a simple story line, great comedy, action, and a winning formula, this film ended up being remade in to many languages with equal success as well. Also starring Kushboo, Goundamani, Manorama, and Radha Ravi, the film also had some of the biggest hit songs in the year from Illaiyaraja.



Suriyan - One of the biggest hits of the year and one of the biggest hits in Sarath Kumar's career, Suriyan was one of the trendsetting films of the 90s when it came to the action genre. Also starring Roja and Goundamani, the film also saw the rise of mega producer K.T. Kunjumon, who would become one of the leading producers of the 90s.

Thevar Magan - Considered as one of the greatest Tamil films to be made, Thevar Magan saw the two titans of Tamil acting (Kamal Hassan and Sivaji Ganeshan) as son and father for the film. Delving into village politics and how villagers live, the film went on to be the one of the biggest hits of the year and one of the most critically acclaimed Tamil films of all time. Thevar Magan should not be missed by any watcher of Tamil cinema.


Roja - Considered as one of Mani Ratnam's best films, Roja delivers an amazing story of Roja (Madhoo) a young woman who must fight to help save her husband (Aravind Swamy) who is held in captivity by terrorists. The first in his "terror trilogy," the film is an interesting take on politics and the power of love. With almost a near perfect technical prowess shown on screen, Roja is definitely remembered as the movie that helped introduce and launch future legendary Oscar Winner A.R. Rahman's career.



Gentleman - Director Shankar delivered probably one of the biggest and most memorable big budget debut films of Tamil cinema history with Gentleman. A vigilante story (a genre staple of Shankar's career), the film gave a huge break for lead actor Arjun. With some classic music from A.R. Rahman and memorable comedy from Goundamani, the film proved to be highly influential as many Tamil films were inspired by the film.

Kalaignan - A thriller with an interesting "who dun-it" premise, Kalaignan wasn't a hit when it initially came out but ended up, like many Kamal Hassan films that were not hits, a cult classic. Probably one of the more underrated films in this list, the movie tells the story of a musician who is falsely accused of a string of murders, but with evidence saying otherwise. An interesting mystery thriller with Hitchcockian influences, it's a good watch for mystery genre lovers.


Ejamaan - On his way to becoming a superstar of the box office, Ejamaan proved to be just a slight teaser as to how much success Rajinikanth was able to show. One of the biggest hits of the year, the movie was directed by R.V. Udhayakumar. Ejamaan follows a winning formula with memorable comedy scenes from Goundamani. A definite watch if you are a fan of Rajinikanth's and a fan of commercial cinema.




Amaidhi Paathai - At the beginning of his career, Sathyaraj was known as a villain actor and or supporting actor. But Amaidhi Paathai proved to be a big break for him as a lead actor, showcasing him in a dual role subject with direction by Mannivanan. Based around a political subject about a man who becomes a politician and how he gets to that position, the film was one of the biggest hits of the year.


Kadhalan - Helping launch Prabhu Deva into a full fledged hero, this Shankar’s film was one of the biggest hits of the 90s. The film helped propel A.R. Rahman's career even further, while also helping push the career's of  Vadivelu as a comedian and Raghuvaran as a villain. A must watch for fans of music and dance!


Duet - K. Balachander is one of the most influential film makers in Indian cinema history, and though his later works are not as great as his early films, he still was able to produce amazing films. Duet is one of them, with the emphasis clearly on music and love. In this case, the legendary director hired A.R. Rahman and helped bring out some of the greatest music of the 90s and of all time. Duet was an interesting take on saxophone music, and Balachander maximizes many of the emotional scenes in the film with Rahman's background score. With great performances, including Prakash Raj who would debut in Tamil with this film, Duet is a definite watch for music and romance genre lovers.



Muthu - 1995 was one of the biggest years for an actor in the history of Tamil cinema when Rajinikanth had two successes. Muthu turned out to be one of his biggest hits, so big that the film even achieved success in Japan 3 years after its release! This commercial film directed by K.S. Ravikumar stars Rajini in two roles a long with Meena, Vadivelu, Raguvaran among others. The film is also the first time that A.R. Rahman composed music for a Rajinikanth film.


Baasha - Many gangster flicks have been made in Tamil cinema. But if there is one film that has been parodied/copied to a high extent, it is Baasha. One of the biggest hits in Tamil cinema history, and one of the trademark films in Rajinikanth's career, Baasha is a prime example for how to use the star power of an actor to its full extent. Along with a memorable villainous performance by Raghuvaran, Baasha is a definite watch for commercial film fans!


Bombay - The second film in his "terror trilogy," Bombay tells the story of two lovers from different religions, who fall in love in a time of religious tensions in the city of Bombay. With impeccable direction by Mani Ratnam and amazing music done by Rahman, Bombay is an all time classic in the romance genre.




Avai Shanmugi - India's Mrs. Doubtfire. Though the film is a remake, it still holds a lot of charm and hilarity that makes it stand on its own! Starring Kamal Hassan in the main role with Meena, Gemni Ganeshan, Nagesh, and Heera Rajgopal, the film is literally almost the exact same except for a few changes.

Kadhal Kottai- What makes this film amazing is that the two lead characters DON'T meet each other for literally the majority of the film. A novel idea which would really be hard to produce but in this case, director Agathiyan does it with interesting twist. With this film, Ajithkumar's career skyrocketed a long with co star Devayani's, with Tamil cinema making numerous copy cat films trying to cash in on the "not seeing each other" love story tactic.

Ullaththai Allitha - After the release of the film, the number of comedy films being made in Tamil cinema went up like crazy. With sharp and witty dialogues and a great sense of direction from director Sundar C., the film is one of those easy going watches that keeps getting better with repeated viewings. Starring Karthik, Goundamani, Rambha, Manivannan, Senthil, and plenty of others, Ullaththai Allitha is a must watch for comedy fans!



Iruvar - When Mani Ratnam says that this quite possibly could be his greatest work to date that would mean something. A film which touches upon film, politics, lust, ego, and power, Iruvar is a tour de force look at two individual’s lives which are changed as they become more famous. With powerhouse performances from Mohanlal, Prakash Raj, Revathi, Gauthami, Tabu, Nasser, and an admirable debut role for future superstar Aishwarya Rai, Iruvar is one of those near perfect dramatic films.  This film is by far one of the best in the last 25 years.


Minsara Kanavu - Minsara Kanavu fully dives into the musical genre, and does an outstanding job at that. Starring Prabhu Deva, Aravind Swamy, and Kajol in her till date only Tamil film, the film is a perfect example on how to handle a romance love triangle subject.

Nerruku Ner - A dual hero subject directed by Vasanth and produced by Mani Ratnam, Nerruku Ner is a good example of how to make a dual hero film, without having one actor overshadowing the other. With a good storyline and really good acting, Nerruku Ner is a must watch to see early signs of future stardom for its main stars.



Jeans –Jeans is one of the most picturesque Tamil films ever made, thanks to Shankar and cinematographer Ashok Kumar. Jeans was shot in many locations that Tamil films had never been to. With memorable music and performances by Prashanth and Aishwarya Rai, Jeans is a must watch for people wanting to see a 90s Tamil film.


Kaathala Kaathala - Starring Kamal Hassan and Prabhu Deva in the lead roles along with Rambha, Soundarya, Vadivelu, M.S. Viswanathan among others, this comedy film tells the story of two simpleton men who fall in love with two rich women and how they must convince the women's parents that they are worthy to marry them. A tale of confusion and hilarity, Kaathala Kaathala is one of the more funnier films in this list!


Sollamale - There are many sad love stories made in Tamil cinema, but one of the most sad and devastatingly painful ones to watch is Sollamale. Livingston, an actor who primarily was a supporting actor, becomes the lead in this movie about a man who falls in love with a woman. In this case, he is literally unable to speak to her, thus pretending to be mute. The ending of the film still is one of the saddest and haunting endings Tamil cinema has ever had, and it definitely will leave a mark on you for a while. An amazing film, but one that will leave you with a heavy heart afterwards.



Suyamvaram - Not the best film in the list but the noble idea of what the film is trying to do is what makes it a must see. A film that was created in 24 hours, breaking a world record, and starring a huge cast a long with that, Suyamvaram is a film to watch just to see how it is even possible to make a film in that kind of record time. With a team of directors to assist in the making of the movie, a long with a team of music directors, cinematographers, and editors, this mammoth attempt is definitely one of a kind!


Vaali - Psychological thrillers are really tricky subjects to do. Especially when the villain in this case is a person that psychologically torments the heroine, without saying a word. Directed by debutant S.J. Suryah, Vaali is a perfect case study of an obsessed man's love for his sister in law. With Ajith acting in his first double acting role, he hits it out of the park with his scary turn as the mute villain. With an equally impressive performance from Simran as the distraught women in the midst of all the obsession, S.J. Suryah's direction is what makes the film one of the best thriller's in recent Tamil cinema history. A must watch for thriller genre lovers!


Mudhalvan - One of Shankar's signature films, the story of a one day PM is still fresh on the minds of Tamil cinema goers. A mixture of a village story with dirty politics, Mudhalvan is one of the best political films in Tamil cinema history. With amazing performances from Arjun and Raguvaran, the film features some of the best writing from legendary screenwriter Sujatha. A must watch for politics fans!



Alaipayuthey - When the master of the romance genre makes a romantic film, it definitely means it will be something special. In the case of Alaipayuthey, the film is an instant classic. Telling the story of two lovers who wed in secret and who are kicked out by their parents after, Alaipayuthey tells the story of how the couple's love gets tested now with them living on their own. With some of the most amazing music from Rahman's repertoire and some of P.C. Sriram's greatest cinematography, Mani Ratnam delivers an amazing romance film which shows many shades of love. A long with an amazing debut performance from Madhavan and a career defining performance from Shalini, Alaipayuthey is one of the most unforgettable love stories Tamil cinema has ever produced.


Thenali - An all time classic when it comes to comedy, Kamal teams up for a second time with K.S. Ravikumar and A.R. Rahman for this comedy classic. Also starring Jayaram in a career defining performance as the doctor who goes from being sane to insane, Thenali is a template for great Tamil comedy and is a testament to the comedic skills that Kamal, writer Crazy Mohan, and K.S. Ravikumar have!


Rhythm - Songs based off each of the elements. Humbled and subtle performances. Beautiful cinematography. Rhythm is a unique film as it doesn't go by the commercial cinema book by the most part. Yes there are cliche moments here and there, but what makes the film amazing is its tone. Just like the title of the film, it goes on a unique rhythm of drama. Telling the story of two people who just recently lost their spouses in an accident, the film delves into human emotion and how love helps heal the wounds of loss. With a subtle performance from "Action King" Arjun and a strong performance from Meena, Rhythm is a must watch!



Aalavandhan - When legendary director Quentin Tarantino says that he was inspired from a sequence in this film, then you know that this movie is something. Aalavandhan was not a big hit when it first came out and is definitely a highly violent and highly imaginative film, but what makes the film interesting is that it definitely is a head of its time. A dual role subject, Kamal Hassan stars and writes the storyline for this dark drama about a mentally unstable twin who escapes from the mental asylum in hopes to "save" his twin from marrying his wife. Definitely not a light hearted movie, but indeed one of the more intriguing films in this list!


12B - What if your life had the possibility to live out two different routes for one choice to be made? That is the crux of the story in 12B, where we see the hero's life play out in two situations, one where he misses a bus for an interview and the other where he doesn't. Another different take on the romance genre, the film works as a dual story subject with great results. Starring Shaam, Jothika, and Simran, with breezy and easy to listen to music by Harris Jayraj, 12B is an interesting take on one man's life told in two different paths.


Minnale - Around this time period, no other actor was bigger than Madhavan when it came to the romance genre. Just like Alaipayuthey, Minnale was a tailor made film showcasing the rising star as a romance genre star. Gautham Menon makes his debut and creates this love triangle musical with great effect. With Harris Jayaraj also debuting with this film, Minnale is a fresh look at love in modern day, with many memorable lines and scenes.



Kannathil Muthamittal - A story about an adopted daughter to a writer and tv host who goes in search for her birth mother in a war torn country, Kannathil Muthamittal is one of the most unforgettable war films you will see in Tamil. With an incredible performance from debut child actor Keerthana and strong performances from Madhavan, Simran, and Prakash Raj, Mani Ratnam brings his lens into the war zone of Sri Lanka and crafts an emotional story that touches your heart.


Panchathanthiram - When K.S. Ravikumar, Crazy Mohan, and Kamal team up, the comedy scenes become classic. And with this film, the comedy sequences are some of the greatest of all time. With an ensemble cast that includes Simran, Jayaram, Ramya Krishnan, Ramesh Aravind, Urvasi, Nagesh, Sriman, Yugi Sethu, and Manivannan to name a few, the film brilliantly utilizes every star and crafts up one of the most funniest stories in the last 25 years. Fast paced, witty, and well acted, Panchathanthiram is one of the funniest films on the list, and is a guaranteed good time!


Mounam Pesiyathe - Before directing more raw films like his mentor Bala, Ameer debuted with a light hearted but different take on the romance genre with the film Mounam Pesiyathe. Starring Surya, Trisha, Nandha, and Laila, the film tells the story of a stubborn man who hates love, but ends up changing his mind and heart after getting to know the woman who is arranged to marry his friend. With some of Yuvan Shankar Raja's best music of his career and great pacing, this is a definite watch!



Anbe Sivam - A film that was really ahead of its time, a film that discusses about life and the many meanings we are in search for, Anbe Sivam is a different film than most on this list. Its funny, sad, thought provoking, political, questioning, and so on and so forth. Featuring very underrated performances from Kamal, Madhavan, Kiran, and Nasser among others, Sundar C drifts away from his usual fun filled directional ways to bring forth a different experience. Dialogue is what really pushes this film forward, and after viewing it you really don't know how to feel. One thing is for sure, its one of those life changing films that helps change the viewpoint of the viewers, and thats why it makes it on to this list!


Pithamagan - A brilliant mix of experimental filmmaking with commercialism, Pithamagan is a path breaking film. With career breakthrough roles for Vikram, Surya, Sangeetha, and Laila, and brilliant direction from Bala, it definitely is a different experience all together. And also throwing in an unforgettable cameo by Simran, Pithamagan doesn't follow the normal route that films usually take, but rather carves its own pacing and storytelling as the film progresses.


Kaakha Kaakha - The police character kind of died out before the release of this film, but after Kaakha Kaakha was made, a huge surge in police films were made. A trend setting action film directed by Gautham Menon, the film tells the story of an honest cop who is determined to take down the local don, all while falling in love with a teacher whom he must keep safe. A thrilling film full some of the best action sequences in the last 25 years, Kaakha Kaakha delivers an unforgettable tale in the life of a cop. Starring Surya and Jothika, the pair make for a believable couple, with them eventually marrying a few years later after the release. A must watch!



Ghilli - The film that made Vijay into a full fledged commercial star. A remake of the telugu film Okkadu, Vijay gives a memorable all-round performance as the lead in this action film. With the right mix of drama, action, comedy, and suspense, Ghilli would also help propel Prakash Raj as a marquee villain actor, and also help make Trisha into being one of the most popular Tamil actress in history. With a highly popular soundtrack by Vidyasagar and great direction by Dharani, Ghilli is a movie you can't miss out on if you want to watch a fast paced film!


Kadhal - Based on a true story, Kadhal tells the story of a gang leader's daughter who falls in love with a poor mechanic boy, and how the two run away together and try to start a new life together. A raw and realistic look at love with one of the most unforgettable last 20 minutes for any Tamil drama film, Kadhal is a different look at love and shines the real truth on run away couple's lives. With career changing roles for the lead pair of Bharath and Sandhya, this Shankar produced film is a definite watch for people who want to witness a realistic tale of love, without any superficial add ons.


Aayutha Ezhuthu - One of Mani Ratnam's most underrated films, Aayutha Ezhuthu tells the story of 3 different men from 3 different social and economical backgrounds, and how politics plays a part in their lives. With superb performances from Surya, Madhavan, Siddharth, Meera Jasmine, and Trisha, along with a villainous turn from veteran director Bharathiraja, Aayutha Ezhuthu is a film that the youth should watch in order to help understand their importance when it comes to joining in politics.



Chandramukhi - There has been a recent wave of ghost/supernatural films, but if there is one movie that could be attributed to helping make that trend, it would be Chandramukhi. Starring an all star cast that includes Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Jothika, Nayanthara, and Vadivelu, Chandramukhi features many classic scenes and some of the best acting in Jothika's career. The "ra ra" song and video is still one of the most popular music videos in Tamil cinema history, and the film helped re-secure Rajinikanth's position as the king of the box office. A fun filled film, a definite watch for everyone!


Sachin - The Vijay and Vadivelu pair is one of the best actor comedian pairs in Tamil cinema history. And the film Sachin uses their comedy to full use, with some of the best comedy sequences in the last 25 years. With Devi Sri Prasad debuting in Tamil cinema with this film, Sachin also stars Genelia, Santhanam, Raghuvaran, and Bipasha Basu. A fun filled film with great comedy and a breezy story.


Ghajini - A man with anterograde amnesia must piece together his past in order to avenge his lover's murder. With loads of twists and turns, and an interesting story, Ghajini is an interesting film on this list, as its a commercial film with a new twist. Starring Surya, Asin, and Nayanthara, the film is probably remembered as the breakthrough vehicle for director A.R. Murugadoss, who has become one of the lead directors in the Indian cinema industry. A must watch for action film lovers!



Pattiyal - A dual hero subject starring Arya and Bharath, Pattiyal tells the story of two local gangsters for hire and their lives. A raw gangster flick with great direction by Vishnuvardhan, Pattiyal is an interesting take on the gangster genre. Rather going for over the top action, this film settles for the local area as its backdrop and it works very well with the story. With some interesting character developments and a surprising ending along with strong bgm work by Yuvan, Pattiyal is a good gangster film!


Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi - A mega budget historical film with a comedian as the lead? That is Imsai Arasan for you, and Vadivelu is literally the heart and soul of the movie! His comedic timing and surprisingly strong dramatic acting helps propel this movie to being one of the best historical comedies in Tamil cinema history. Produced by Shankar, the sets and scale of the film is grand, which helps it make it more believable and more interesting! A great watch indeed!


Varalaru - In what many consider as Ajith's greatest film in terms of acting, he stars in 3 different roles in a story about a father trying to protect his son from his past as a bharathanaatiyam dancer. Acting in 3 distinctively different roles, he plays both villain and hero with great avail. A long with his award winning role stars Asin, Kanika, and Sujatha in key roles, K.S. Ravikumar delivers an interesting tale for the audience. A must watch!



Billa - Remakes are a tricky business. You don't want to spoil the original and at the same time, everything has to go right in order to make it a good watch. In the case of Billa, everything went right and then some. One of Ajithkumar's signature roles, Billa is a quintessential look at how to remake a film in the right way. Made in a more modern and slick style, with great cinematography from Nirav Shah and fast paced direction by Vishnuvardhan, Billa is a well made and fun to watch gangster flick!


Mozhi - Music is something that has no language barrier. Using music as a key plot point, Radha Mohan directs an amazing story about 2 musicians that move into an apartment complex with various eccentric individuals. How their lives change is the crux of the story. With beautiful music by Vidyasagar and great performances from Prithviraj, Prakash Raj, Jothika, Swarnamalya, and M.S. Bhaskar, Mozhi is a one of a kind comedy drama.


Paruthiveeran - Not many actors debut with a strong performance like Karthi did with Paruthiveeran. He literally became a rowdy villager with ease and expert precision. Paruthiveeran is as raw as you can get when it comes to filmmaking, and Ameer makes good use of everything in the film. Brilliant music by Yuvan, natural cinematography, and a career defining role for Priyamani, make this film an instant classic!



Dasavatharam - A science fiction/natural disaster film dealing with the 2004 tsunami, Dasavatharam is the pinnacle of the risk taker in Kamal Hassan as he donned a then record 10 roles. With a different look and feel for each role, he delivers performances that make you realize why he is in a league of his own, acting wise. Also starring Asin, Nagesh, Napolean, and P. Vasu, Dasavatharam is an entertaining film with some amazing action sequences.


Anjathe - Mysskin is an interesting director, as his view on cinema is a dark, intense, yet well detailed one. In arguably one of the most unique cop films in Tamil cinema history, the film tells the story of people who try to become cops, a well groomed young man and rowdy. How their lives progress and how each person's lives turn for the better and worse makes for the rest of the story. Raw and dark, the film brings out great performances from Narain, Ajmal, Prassana, and Pandiarajan, Anjathe is a perfect showcase of avant garde filmmaking in Tamil cinema. A really unique watch!


Vaaranam Aayiram - There are few films in Tamil cinema that expertly show a character's life story as well as Vaaranam Aayiram. From the teenage years to adulthood, we see a character grow as the screen time progresses. With some of the best work in their career's from Surya, Simran, Harris Jayaraj, and Gautham Menon, this film is a personal yet celebratory look at life. A film to watch if you want to take a journey down a character's life.




Naan Kadavul - A movie about Aghori's and the ugly side of the humanity, Naan Kadavul is the magnum opus of Bala. A bare to bones, nothing held back film, Bala delivers a scary look of the life of aghoris and beggars. Arya gives his best performance in his career as the animalistic aghori, while Pooja also gives an impeccable and raw performance as the blind beggar. A tough to watch film, but a really good one!


Yavarum Nalam - A ghost story that revolves around a tv show that only seems to play in one tv set, and how it affects a man and his family. Starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra, this supernatural thiller directed by Vikram Kumar is a pretty scary one at that too. An interesting and original story, this is a great watch for ghost story enthusiasts!


Ayan - Adventure and smuggling. A fun combo in the case of this film. Seeing the underground world of a smuggler and how things are run in the counterfeit world. With amazing action scenes shot in Africa and India, and directed by cinematographer K.V. Anand, Ayan is fun filled film with loads of action and thrills. Starring Surya, Tamannah, Prabhu, and Jegan, Ayan is a must watch!



Goa - Travel flicks, especially ones that are a little more mature like Goa, don't come often. But in the case of Goa, it is done in a well made manner. Making good use of the fun type that is Venkat Prabhu, this comedy film stars Jai, Vaibhav, and Premji as three village men who desire to break away from the conservative shackles of their village, thus running away to Goa. A fun filled movie full of hilarious lines, great satire, and sequences, Goa is a great fun filled movie!


Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Love is painful sometimes. Plain and simple. In the case of VTV, love could be dreadfully painful when it is with one person. In the case of the main character, its the love of a woman named Jessie, that literally changes his life forever. Another journey film from Gautham Menon, this film sees career turning roles for the lead pair of Simbu and Trisha. Before known for their energetic and youthful characters, VTV showcases the two in a strong emotional way. With amazing music by Rahman and some of the best cinematography in the last 25 years, this is one love story that you won't forget.


Enthiran - A high budget dream project for Shankar that finally came into fruition, Enthiran is the pinnacle of his vision. Making good use of his budget, he displays a wide range of creativity and extravaganza. Starring Rajinikanth in a role that sees him play hero and villain for the first time in years, he gives one of his best performances of his career as a robot who goes from mechanical train of thought to a more human one. Also stars Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa, and Santhanam, this is a big budget film you can't miss!



Mankatha - Ajith's 50th film is an extravaganza banking in on his screen presence. Director Venkat Prabhu knows very well how to cash in on the star's charisma, as Mankatha is an out and out showcase of the star. Even though the film is an ensemble starrer, there is no doubt that the best scenes belong to Ajith. With some of Yuvan's bgms on display and interesting roles from Lakshmi Rai and Arjun, Mankatha is a commercial film done very well, with so much twists and surprises that it will keep you entertained for its entirety.


Ko - Journalism is something that is hard to make into a thriller, especially a political thriller, but in the case of Ko, K.V. Anand makes good use of the subject and steams through with interesting direction. Starring Jiiva, the film delves into many different things in journalism and politics and showcases how both intersect each other. A good watch indeed!


Engeyum Eppodhum - The story of two couples and their respective love lives, and how a deadly bus crash intertwines the stories. An interesting premise of two love stories with an underlying message on road safety, starring Jai, Anjali, and Ananya, this A.R. Murugadoss production does a great job of mixing an important message into a romance film. A must watch!



Naan E - When film makers create films, they tend to want a charismatic star when it comes to action film. But having a fly as the main hero of the film? That makes for one of the most unique and creative Tamil action comedy films of the past few years. With Nani starring as the man who dies by a jealous villain and gets reincarnated as a fly, Naan E is an interesting mix of CGI action and comedy. Also starring Samantha, Santhanam, and Sudeep as the villain who gets hilariously tortured by the fly, Naan E is a good all-round film!


Thuppaki - An action thriller from start to finish, a film tailor made for Vijay. He showcases his persona in a well acted role, where he does comedy, action, and drama with ease. One of the key points in Thuppaki is that it uses a thinking notion to action rather than mindless sequences. With different takes on action, this A.R. Murugadoss directed film is a great action film that doesn't compromise but rather makes good use of all departments. A great action film!


Naduvula Konjam Pakaththa Kaanom - A film about a young man who loses his memory on the eve of his wedding, this film is a one of a kind comedy. It's serious yet funny serious. Vijay Sethupathi plays a memory loss person so well that even though he's repeating almost the exact same lines throughout the movie, it still cracks you up as though its the first time your hearing them. A great different attempt at comedy!



Viswaroopam - A film that almost didn't come to theatres because its pre release controversy, Viswaroopam is a tale of terrorism and how a secret agent must infiltrate and try to complete his mission. Kamal directs, writes, and stars in this action tale that spans continents and timelines, with one of the best character transformation scenes in Tamil cinema history. Highly entertaining even after repeated viewings, Viswaroopam is a must watch for spy genre enthusiasts.


Soodhu Kaavum - This isn't a regular heist film. When your main character and the mastermind of heists is a person who hallucinates a woman being with him all the time, then you know this isn't a regular film. With a cast of future stars that includes Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Ashok Selvan, and Karunakaran, this heist film is a quirky black comedy, which is a very different attempt all together.


Kalyana Samayal Saatham - There are some subjects that are taboo in Tamil cinema, and erectile dysfunction is one of them. But in the case of Kalyana Samayal Saatham, the film treats the subject in an honest and different way, and brings forth the situation in a hilarious and light hearted way. Prassana takes on a subject that many actors would shy away from and does a brilliant job with comedically going with



Vellai Illa Patathaari - A story about the struggle of a graduate whose not able to find a job, this is the film that will be remembered as Dhanush's signature film. A long with starring in the film, he also produces, distributes, writes lyrics, and sings for this film. His stamp is all over the place, and you realize the passion that he has for film with this flick. With a strong story and great character development, VIP is a quintessential look at the struggles middle class folk go through in order to become successful in life after finishing their studies. A long with a hit brash local album by Anirudh and great direction from debutant Velraj, VIP is a definite must watch.


Jigarthanda - At first you think this is a movie about a man going to the big city in order to gain some perspective on his future film on gangsters. But then it turns on its head and becomes a dark crime comedy. Starring Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon, and Bobby Simha in a career defining role, Jiggarthanda is a different film and probably one of the strongest sophomore directional outings in Tamil cinema history. Karthik Subbaraj does an amazing job in mixing different genres and creating a fresh film for Tamil audiences, all the while also paying tribute to his biggest influence, Mani Ratnam.


Vaayai Moodi Pesavum - A comedy film about a fictional virus that makes people not able to speak? With some of the comedy scenes done with no talking? An interesting romantic comedy full of satire, director Balaji Mohan delivers a really strong sophomore film with Vaayai Moodi Pesavum. With great acting from Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya, Madhoo, and Pandiarajan to name a few, this film is a light and breezy watch for comedy lovers!



Thani Oruvan - Usually director don't have a career breakthrough this late into their careers. But in the case of Mohan Raja, Thani Oruvan is his first opportunity to really showcase his own story, and he does so in an excellent way. With great pacing and a menacing score by Hiphop Tamizha, Thani Oruvan gives Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy a perfect opportunity to take on each others characters with style and ferocity. For Aravind Swamy, the actor gives an amazing comeback performance as the ruthless villain with a cunning mind and shady practise. Jayam Ravi also delivers with a strong performance of a cop who does anything necessary in order to stop the villain. Highly entertaining and one of the best action films in the last few years, no doubt!


Indru Netru Naalai - A time travelling film, something unique to Tamil cinema, Indru Netru Naalai is one of the more unique and interesting comedy films in recent times. With some thrilling moments as well, this film does a great job of introducing the concept of time travel to Tamil audience who are not familiar with the concept. Starring Vishnu, Karunakaran, and Arya, this film is a must watch for people looking for a cool new type of comedy film in Tamil.


Papanaasam - A remake of the mega blockbuster Dhrishyam, Kamal Hassan takes on the lead role and runs away with it in ease. A village thriller, Papanaasam mixes two genres into one, making for one of the most entertaining thrillers in quite a while. With a subtle approach and great execution done by the original's director Jeetu Joseph, Papanaasam is a must watch even if your familiar with the original!



Well technically since 2016 is only a few months old I can't put 3 movies that I would suggest but it seems like a great upcoming year for films. Here's some movies that I believe will be interesting to watch and movies that I have already seen and liked so far!


Bangalore Naatkal
Rajni Murugan
Irudhi Suttru
Jil Jung Juk
Thaara Thappatai
Viswaroopam 2

Birithivy Yogaratnam
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