Miruthan – Impressive debut innings of zombies in Tamil cinema

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Miruthan – Impressive debut innings of zombies in Tamil cinema

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It needs courage, conviction, determination and a thirst to try your hand at a movie based on Zombies in Tamil Cinema. Team of Miruthan possesses all the above mentioned qualities. Hard work that has been spent on each and every area of the movie is quite evident. The concept of Zombie has been served to the Tamil Audience in a much simpler format for the audience to interpret.

In the movie’s earlier part, Jayam Ravi’s acting seems to be subtle. But right from the point he loses his sister, his acting prowess gets a good feed. The opportunity has been leveraged by Jayam Ravi. Emotions of pain on losing out his sister, respite on finding her back and helplessness on encountering his sister on the verge of her probable demise have been portrayed well by Jayam Ravi. His performance reaches its peak when his act ferociously juggles between the sensible nature of a human being and the savage quality of a Zombie in the climax segment of the movie.

Lakshmi Menon has decently portrayed the role of a caring doctor. In the climax sequence, Lakshmi Menon’s expressions to the daring step of Jayam Ravi to save her from the hordes of Zombies is very apt to the situation and it complements the moving song, ‘Mirutha Mirutha’.

Kali Venkat provides the much needed comic relief in the movie. He has excellently delivered the phrase ‘Just missu Maapla’ in various scenes of the movie. An actor like Kali Venkat is not only capable to amuse the audience but also to make the audience sympathize for the role that he portrays. Kali Venkat has given his optimum performance to his role in this movie.

R.N.R.Manohar, as an object of political satire in an extremely unfavourable situation, has done his job commendably well.

Sriman has done in ‘Miruthan’ what audience liked him doing in the ‘Muni’ franchise. His intro in the movie by uttering a famous movie dialogue in a comical fashion left the audience in splits.


Anikha Surendran has been offered with a pivotal role in the movie and the inherent acting skill of the kid has been retrieved well by the Director.


Jeeva Ravi as a Chief Doctor possessing a selfish and an untrustworthy nature has served as a catalyst to drive the story to the climax.

S.Venkatesh’s cinematography reinvigorates the already fresh Ooty. There are many notable shots in the movie such as the shot where Lakshmi Menon watches Jayam Ravi via the hole of a shutter in the climax sequence and numerous aerial shots in the earlier portion of the movie exhibiting the different shades of the Ooty before and aftermath of the Zombie attack.

K.J.Venkatramanan’s editing speeds up the pace of the movie whenever it is needed. At the same time, it allows a specified time for a shot to happen so that it gets registered in the minds of the audience.

D.Imman is one among the major contributors of ‘Miruthan’. The score by Imman that is being played during the title card display serves as a starter to the audience. Adrenaline-pumping sequences are supplemented by some top-notch background scores. Crowd is literally deranged for the very use of the ‘Mirutha Mirutha’ song and the ‘Horrifying Zombies’ theme song in the movie.

Speciality of Hollywood flicks such as ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘Independence Day’ is that the director’s execution of the script will touch upon the aspects of Human relations and emotions in addition to the focal feature of the movie i.e. Aliens. Likewise, in addition to the vital part of the ‘Miruthan’ movie i.e. Zombies, Shakti Soundar Rajan has depicted the Human relations and emotions in a much convincing manner. On screen representation of the Zombies is authentic.


Placement of scenes never lets the audience relax. People who are exposed to Zombie movies aren’t disappointed. First timers aren’t confused with the depiction of Zombies. Miruthan has been packed with a perfect blend of serious and jocular sequences that suits the taste of the majority of the film-going Tamil audience. Innovative thinking of playing the ‘Mirutha Mirutha’ song behind the climax fight segment has worked well.

Whenever a new genre forays into a film industry, a huge responsibility of making the movie a successful venture rests on the makers of the movie as many will follow suit. As far as Miruthan is concerned, each and every department of the movie has left no stone unturned.

Dhileepan Kumaresan
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