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Starring: Siddharth, Madhavi Sharma, Sri Lakshmi, Balasingh, Revathi.
Direction: C Azhagappan
Music: Rehan
Production: Mother Arts International

The timing of Vannathupoochi cannot be more appropriate then now as it hits the marquee at a time when children-centric films are being received well by the audience. The film talks about over ambitious parents who have absolutely no time for their children. Director C Azhagappan has attempted to showcase the new age parents’ urgency to shove their unfulfilled dreams on to their progenies, which results in a confused and lonely generation yearning and craving for love. But unfortunately, he has not taken adequate care to make this plot an entertaining one and the theme falls flat.

Siddharth and Madhavi Sharma are software experts who are neck deep immersed in their work. Sri Lakshmi is their daughter who is constantly tossed between one tuition class to the other. Her parents decide who she should talk to and move about. They do not have the time and energy for her and even miss out on the child’s annual day prize distribution event. A good neighbor brings her home and takes care of her.


At this juncture, enters the head master from Siddharth’s town who chides him for not having visited his village for a long time. Citing lack of time, Siddharth sends his daughter to the village to meet her granddad. The ensuing experience of Srilakshmi in the village with her grand father Bala Singh and the subsequent events which take the child to the court forms the rest of the story.

Music is by Rehan and the song Kaatril penned by Pazhani Bharathi is just passable. Besides that the film fails to evoke any kind of feeling. There is absolutely nothing to speak about other aspects of the film.

Verdict: Go, if you have nothing else to do!

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