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Starring: Shaam, Mallika Kapur, Lal, Vivek.
Direction: C T Pandi
Music: Dheena
Production: Annam Films International
Shaam’s dusted-and-brought-back-to-life flick Anthony Yaar is an unimaginative tale ridden with the age old elements of retribution, love and too-good-to-be-true hero told in an unflattering manner. Neither the story, nor the way it is told evokes any sense of emotion - other than the one about storming out of the movie hall.
Anthony Yaar

Shaam is an orphan found abandoned in the catamaran of a fisherman and raised by a priest. He grows up to be a fisherman after losing interest in education. He is a do-gooder who spends his hard-earned money for the welfare of the poor. While Shaam’s reputation builds up, he, inevitably, locks horns with Lal, the villain who thrives on the people’s hard-earned catch buying it off at a much lower price. The hostility builds up and Lal plots to kill Shaam. Meanwhile, Shaam falls in love with Mallika Kapur, the village president’s sister, a researcher on the lives of fisherman. Now Shaam’s labor doubles up. He has to confront not only Lal, from whom he has to save his life, but also from Mallika Kapur’s family from whom he has to rescue his lover.

There’s a marginal improvement in Shaam’s facial expressions from his earlier movies (where it was equivalent to wooden) that rises above the I-can-kill-you-with-my-cute-smile-alone attitude. But that’s hardly anything to save the movie from the perils of bad story and unappealing direction. The other characters put up a dramatic show and none come across as likable. Not even Mallika Kapur who seems to be participating in a smile-to-win competition with Shaam.

Vivek’s comedy is showing signs of slipping into depression with constantly repeated one-liners and insipid dialogues that have become a thing of past. Comedy is not even in microscopic proportion in Vivek’s antics and we are left with more distress to deal with in the already toiling plot. The only thing positive about the movie is its camera work that captures the fictional fishermen village beautifully, again, too beautiful to be true.

And the rest, as they say, is as old as history starting with the movie’s story.

Verdict: From the past!

Star: 0
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