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Starring: Sherlidas, Prithy, Rangayani
Direction: Velu Prabhakaran
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: JSK Film Corporation
Adultery, infidelity, lack of or very low morals, obscene and graphic material, mostly copulative in nature, wedged between what seems to be the short-lived decent scenes – well don’t frown yet, Velu Prabhakaran’s Kaadhal Kadhai makes Tinto Brass’ infamous Caligula feel like an art work. Explicit sex, without even a shred of reason whatsoever,
Kadhal Kadhai
has never been a part of mainstream Tamil cinema until now. And for the same reason, it’s quite easy to understand why Velu Prabhakaran’s Kaadhal Kadhai has received the ire of censor board officials.

In Kaadhal Kadhai everyone sleeps around with everyone else and love is alluded to just a physical feeling called sex. Most of all, or rather worst of it all, director Velu Prabhakaran justifies the movie and his preaching in its entirety. So in his opinion, physical desires override love and it’s ok if you lose a girl / guy. Move on. There is another guy / girl waiting around the corner. That’s it; love is nothing but a manifestation of horniness. Someone needs to tell him that there are people who love for love’s sake putting physical desires in the back burner.

Besides, Velu shows bikinied white women and equally half-naked white men in a ‘god knows where’ location. Justification for this goes something like this. If women in Tamil Nadu roam around in half-naked garbs, men just won’t pay attention. Really? What an idea sir Ji. So there you go. It’s not bad enough you direct an awful movie you go ahead and justify it as if having low-morals is the way of life.

The movie has apparently no script or whatever and is a string of events interspersed with sex scenes.

We seriously fail to understand how Ilayaraja agreed to be part of this obscene little joke, but he has.

If you must watch Kaadhal Kadhai, we would advice you not to tell home. You wouldn’t want a dent in your morality or worst, sanity, would you?

Verdict: Parangimalai Jyothi types

Star - 0
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