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Starring: Sundar C, Simran, Devayani, Adithi Chaudhary, Vivek, Nasser, Sampath Raj.
Direction: Badri
Music: D. Imman
Production: Avni Cinemax
Warring families, one-sided love affair and tackling vengeful femme fatales inside the family – Aintham Padai is largely Sundar C’s familiar territory with the mix of family sentiments and given the fact that he has a standard set of roles and emotions that he uses to shuffle between scenes (or rather movies), he’s treaded the path with much ease.
Aintham Padai

Sundar C, Nasser and Mukesh are brothers whose family is not in enviable terms with the family of Thottanna, Sampath and Raj Kapoor. While Devyaani, the female cop, busts Raj Kapoor’s hooch distillation racket he swears vengeance. He gatecrashes her wedding, to Mukesh, and marries her forcefully in the process killing himself in a freak accident involving Sundar C. Sundar gets a jail term for the same.

On his release, Sundar asks for Simran’s hand in wedding for his brother Mukesh. However, Simran has an eye for Sundar himself that she also reveals to him. Despite this, Simran is forced to marry Mukesh since Sundar believes that his family’s values and social stature are important. This rubs Simran on the wrong side who vows to dismember Sundar from the family.

The movie necessarily has wholesome potential of a primetime sitcom and falls short of either powerful performances or an effectual plot. Not a tearjerker, however, it could attract women for Simran’s characterization of a bimbette that is synonymous with today’s sitcoms. Although conscious of her limitations about not being the eye candy she once used to be, Simran has done a decent job and has enough footage with two songs to her credit with Sundar C.

The subject is a cakewalk for Sundar and he has had it almost effortlessly. Vivek’s comedy, albeit bordering the brainless humor, doesn’t tire you out and therefore serves a bit of a push in the movie’s proceedings. The movie also has an almost-ensemble star cast including, but not limited to, Devyani, Vivek and Aditi (we do not know what made them decide on her with her unflattering acting and dancing abilities).

Imaan’s music, if not hummable, is definitely not intolerable. Director Badri, who has also handled the story, screenplay and dialogue, has tried his best in this family (melo)drama. Sundar C has established his forte once again and perhaps his bank-ability if his fans aren’t letting him down with this one.

Verdict: B & C could weave magic

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