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Starring: Vinay, Kajal Agarwal, Kalabhavan Mani, Santhanam, Mayilsamy.
Direction: Saran
Music: Colonial Cousins
Production: Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited
A tale of big businessmen and the games they play, that is Modhi Vilayadu. In the world of business tycoons, money flows in millions, assets are worth even more. But, the state wouldn’t be too happy to know that so much wealth belongs to a single person. That is where the concept of ‘binami’ (pseudo ownership) comes into play; a
Modhi Vilayadu
clever way to hoodwink the government off taxes and also to mislead business competitors from one’s real assets. The ‘binami’ idea is the central theme of Modhi Vilayadu. A Saran directorial venture after three years, much was expected from this tale of big money, property and rivalries. Does Saran deliver?

Kalabhavan Mani plays a multi millionaire and quite naturally he has quite a few rivals in business. He keeps amassing wealth through various means, his rivalries also keep growing and he is aware of the fact that he could be targeted any time, even his family could be the victim. But he has plans in place to protect his son; he plays a game of identities. Vinay is the pawn in this tactic and even he is not aware of it. He lives a high flying life of great wealth and splendor, as the inheritor of all that Kalabhavan Mani has. But when fate decides to cut short a person’s life, the most meticulous of plans fail and that is what happens. Kalabhavan Mani is devastated at what has happened and Vinay is puzzled when he finds himself stripped off many of the luxuries that he used to enjoy. He wants to know what is happening and he wants the world to know the truth. But revealing the truth could not be in the best interests of Kalabhavan Mani and many others.

But, Vinay is not ready to give up. Using the resources that have been left at his disposal, he begins playing games that make Kalabhavan Mani lose his sleep, constantly taunting him. Who gets the better of the other? Do the business rivals remain silent or do they spill more blood? Does fate have more curious designs to reveal? Modhi Vilayadu offers the answers.

Modhi Vilayadu was meant to be a gripping game of big rivals going for each other with vengeance and cunning. It is all there, except the grip. The premise is interesting, the games they play are intriguing, but the proceedings are not exciting. In short, the journey fails to engage you. The masked identities, the target and fate’s unpredictability interest you, but it is when Vinay begins his attempts to checkmate Kalabhavan Mani that you feel a bit let down. Some of the situations in the screenplay are highly improbable occurrences for a multi millionaire to be seen in. Other weak points in the film include the romantic track between Vinay and Kajal Aggarwal which is absolutely flat; does not evoke any feelings.

Kalabhavan Mani is his usual self in Modhi Vilayadu, playing his part to satisfaction. Vinay very much fits the character of someone who has grown and lived amidst riches; his voice too sits well on the role. Kajal Aggarwal has precious little to do. VMC Haneefa provides some enjoyable moments as a small time businessman who is always brimming with self importance. Santhanam too makes his presence felt. Action is minimal and pretty realistic.

The high point of Modhi Vilayadu is its production values. No compromises have been made on the rich look of the film; each frame reflects the lifestyle of millionaires. Karun’s camera has captured the grandeur well. Colonial Cousins, Hariharan and Leslie, do not disappoint on debut. Two songs, ‘Chi Chi’ and ‘Padhi Mutham’ are pleasant to hear. Modhi Vilayadu is a pretty lavishly made tale of businessmen and the games they play. But it lacks the verve to engage you throughout.

Verdict: The game lacks excitement!

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