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Starring: Yuvan, Bala, Seshanth, Nithish Kumar, Sabi, Madhu Sharma, Dharsha
Direction: Yuvan
Music: Thaman.
Production: RMA Film Factory
Written and directed by debutante Yuvan, who also plays the lead role in the movie, Sindhanai Sei tells the story of a man out to seek vengeance and the devious ways he uses to achieve his mean ends. Five friends, bench mates in school; they have a lot in common. Poor in studies, toppers in creating trouble, they are the antithesis of good students. They grow up and go their separate ways in life.
Sindanai Sei
Yuvan meets Madhu Sharma and the two of them fall in love. Marriage happens but matrimony is not a bed of roses. Madhu Sharma expects a life of happiness and luxury which Yuvan is not able to provide. Disillusioned and dissatisfied, she walks out of the marriage leaving Yuvan seething in anger.

The five friends get together again and plot ways to prove that they are worth much more than what others regard them to be. True to their nature, the plan that they hatch is of a criminal nature. Does the plan work? Yuvan also holds a secret agenda in his mind which he does not disclose even to his 4 associates. In the end, he cleverly achieves what he set out for but destiny proves smarter than him and in a twist of fate, all that he had done comes back to him. How does all this happen? Sindhanai Sei will provide the answers.

Yuvan debuts with a role that has negative shades. As an actor he has failed to provide the required punch to the role which also shows Yuvan the director in poor light for inappropriate casting. Others in the cast pass muster, Madhu Sharma has not got much to do.

With a lot of crime, deviousness and double crossing involved, Sindhanai Sei could have turned out to be an interesting watch for those who favor the genre. But, it turns out to be a bit tame in the end. The first half passes without much events or twists. It is the second half that the director has tried to pack with excitement. But, anyone who has seen Johnny Gaddar (Hindi) will feel frustrated at being offered a near ditto graph here.

Thaman proves that he can be quite a good composer. Though none of the songs here really impress the audience, his potential is there to be seen. Provided with a good platform, he can turn out to be another young promising composer for Kollywood.

In the final analysis, Sindhanai Sei has turned out to be a movie which Yuvan tried to carry on his own shoulders. But, perhaps he burdened himself a bit too much. A little more ‘Sindhanai’ into the proceedings in the second half could have made it a better product.

Verdict: More thought could have been applied!

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