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Starring: Ajmal, Rupa Manjari, Mouli.
Direction: Nandhini
Music: Mani Sharmaa
Production: Sathyam Cinemas, Real Image.
A missing mother, an abruptly orphaned kid in the hands of a waywardly advertising executive and the mystery surrounding the kid - debutant director Nandhini has had a promising fast paced script when she jotted it down on paper. Sadly, not every promising script transpires into a good movie, for it takes a lot more than just a nice script for a good movie: for starters, neat execution tricks and a tightly packed screenplay with comic and romantic interludes, especially if the movie is a light-hearted comedy.

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru starts promisingly with a lively star cast and an equally exuberant setting but fizzles down gradually due to the lack of inventiveness in dialogues that gets tedious after a point of time, screenplay that has less or absolutely no drive and music that is strictly so-so.

Desperate to meet the deadlines, an over-enthusiastic advertising executive (Ajmal) hires a kid by the side of the road from a vagrant mother. The mother slips into coma immediately after a freak accident leaving the kid in Ajmal’s custody. The reluctant Ajmal takes up the kid
  Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru
under his custody and to his dismay, the mother disappears from the hospital she’s admitted in.

Ajmal and his cop friend embark on a search to find the whereabouts of the mother while keeping the child in custody.

Nandhini’s efforts pay off in the last 20 minutes and the movie flies off in a jiffy during that time. It’s hard not to wish the entire movie is packed that way. The wild goose chase intensifies as the movie inches towards the climax and tries desperately to make up for the nondescript fare offered so far.

Ajmal and Rupa Manjari play the ‘battle of sexes’ game that is neither new nor interesting. Ajmal has added another movie to his CV and Rupa has kick started her account. She shows potential, however, in whatever little she was obliged to do. Mouli still retains his brand humor that flows quite naturally.

On the whole, Nandhini’s Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru falls into the ‘could have been better’ category. Only if you are willing to while away the huge part of the movie for the final 20 minutes which is absolute fun, give it a try.

Verdict: Soggy affair!

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