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Pokkiri - Different language, same result
Review by : Harish V
Starring: Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Asseem Merchant, Prakash Raj.
Direction: Prabhu Deva
Music: Sajid, Wajid.
Production: Sahara One Motion Pictures,
S K Films Enterprises.
Wanted has finally hit the screens with much fanfare which is surely gonna translate into huge weekend numbers. Wanted, a movie, which started off with minimal expectations, became the most wanted movie of this year by sheer marketing, Thanks to Intech who took care of the marketing and Salman Khan who went that extra step to personalize this mass movie. But has this Salman Khan-Prabhu Deva venture which was successful in capturing eyes been able to capture the hearts too? Let’s analyze.

Wanted is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Pokkiri, which later went on to be made in Tamil with the same name and Prabhu Deva the ace choreographer directed it. Boney Kapoor, who bought the rights of the original, was also impressed with Prabhu Deva's treatment in Tamil which led him signing the deal to make the movie with him helming the directors cap. And Boney Kapoor is not gonna regret his idea as the movie is able to achieve what it has tried to achieve which is non-stop entertainment.

The story is set in Mumbai where crime pays. Two mafia groups are ready with their guns ready to utilize the situation but at the same time to eradicate the mafia the newly appointed commissioner has started going on an encounter spree. At this three road juncture enters Salman
Khan. He is a local hit man who does anything for money. He joins one of the gangs and becomes the most trustworthy person as he single handedly vanquish half of the competition. Salman Khan becomes the most sought-after due to his cool attitude and fearless nature. Ayesha Takia falls for Salman Khan and love blossoms between the two. The stage is set for a riveting action and a twist in the tale for the act three to catch you unawares. What is that? Check the movie out in a theatre nearest to you.

The movie reminds you of the formula movies which released in the early 1980s but what amazes you is that with a gripping screenplay and a power packed performance the magic of the 1980s can still be re-created and be enjoyed. 'Wanted' has all the ingredients like a Hero introductory over-the-top fight, a mass song, friendship, one corrupt cop, one strict father, an overtly ridiculous neighbor, a always caring and crying mother, a brave and clever kid, friend sacrifice, guns, dishoom dishoom, item numbers and you have enough dishes to cook up a sequel too. This Prabhu Deva directed movie is low on logic but high on entertainment. The director has shown immense maturity in taking several scenes like the lift scene with Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia, the father's death scene, Prakash Raj's escape scene and almost all the scenes of Mahesh Manjrekar. But that doesn't make the movie flawless as there are several continuity problems, ridiculous placements of songs, too many action sequences to one's liking and too much violence. But the plusses easily overweighs the movie to the top.

Technically the movie is the best among the three versions. Be it cinematography, art or editing, it is just right. Music is good but the wrong placement of the songs play as a deterrent. Background score by Salim-Sulaiman is brilliant. This can easily be the best choreographed Salman Khan movie ever. Action by Vijayan has a strong South Indian flavor, only a few will like it.

The movie is a Salman Khan gift to his fans as there wouldn't be even a single fan of his who would be disappointed. Salman Khan has acted brilliantly and most importantly has enjoyed his work and it’s been long since we have seen this Salman who looks very handsome, young and energetic. His energy level in the dance sequences are something which has to be seen to be believed. Salman Khan is energetically-unparalleled.

Ayesha Takia is cute and bubbly and has acted brilliantly as the innocent girl who falls for Radhe, a rogue. Mahesh Manjrekar has another feather to stick on to his cap as he has excelled as a corrupt policeman. Prakash Raj is a surprise package as this talented actor has come up with a blinder of a performance as a deadly don, he is sure to get many offers in Hindi too as his Hindi pronunciation looks natural and fitting. Govind Namdeo is decent; Manoj Pahwa mirrors Vadivel’s antics and does create a few laughs. Vinod Khanna in a small character has excelled. All the other artistes have done justice to their roles.

Overall, this movie achieves what it sets out to – entertain and entertain big-time. Boney Kapoor after No-Entry has again got a blockbuster in hand from a remake. Expect the movie to achieve almost Rs. 40 to 50 crore first weekend gross and a 70+ crore finish at the ticket window.

Verdict: Low on Logic – High on entertainment

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