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Starring: Prithviraj, Sakthi, Karthik Kumar, Priyamani, Anuja Iyer, Jeeva, Bhagiyaraj
Direction: G N R Kumaravelan
Music: Vijay Anthony
Production: Gemini Film Circuit
Classmates, the Malayalam blockbuster comes to Tamil as Ninaithale Inikkum directed by debutant G N R Kumaravelan, son of the legendary director G N Rangarajan. Adhering to the original format mostly, Kumaravelan has done a decent job in this Gemini Film Circuit production venture.

Prithviraj (who featured in the original version as well), Sakthi Vasu, Priya Mani and Anuja Iyer (Sivi fame) are one set of friends in a college while Karthik Kumar and Lollu Sabha Jeeva are in the rival gang. Prithviraj meets Priya Mani on the first day of college and it is love at first sight for him but he never divulges his love to her.

Karthik, on the other hand is a rich brat, interested in a girl but when his feelings are not reciprocated, he forces the girl to love him. Prithvi intervenes in favor of the girl that sets the ball rolling for bitter acrimony between the men. Meanwhile Prithvi’s popularity graph soars in the college, thanks to his pro-student activities which irk Karthik who is on the look out for a suitable opportunity to bring Prithvi
  Ninaithale Inikkum
down. Further interesting events mark the rest of the film wherein there are some surprise twists in the love angle revealed only in the denouement.

Prithvi scores in his performance and proves he is after all an experienced artist. Ninaithale Inikkum will be a significant milestone in his film career. Among the other members, Karthik dazzles. He has exploited the given minimal situations to his credit and heaps applause. Testimony of his Evam experience indeed! Priya Mani takes some time to thaw and becomes normal in the second half. Sakthi understands his role and delivers. K Bhagyaraj as Sakthi’s dad is apt.

Screen play has been dealt with a touch of maturity. Balasubramanian gets plaudits for his beautiful work with the camera. Vijay Antony’s music is appreciable especially in the ‘Azhagai Poothade’ number. In many places he has let silence speak which is praiseworthy.

In some way or the other audience is bound to relate to the film especially the college days. The director who chose to convey sorrow intensely could have extended similar treatment to happiness also which would have hastened the first half.

Verdict: Paarthale Inikkum

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