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Starring: Arvind Vinoth, Srithika, Singamuthu, Nellai Shiva
Direction: Rathibala
Music: JV
Production: Vimal International Pictures
It’s small, it’s cute and it’s refreshing. That is the best way to describe Madurai to Theni (Vazhi Andipatti) that released over the weekend. Most of you would not have heard of this movie and it would be a shame if it went unnoticed. It certainly deserves a bit more visibility than it has at the moment.

Madurai to Theni (Vazhi Andipatti) is an enjoyable ride that narrates a love at first sight story and the turn it takes. A major part of the movie is aboard a bus on its way from Madurai to Theni. The male lead is going to Theni to join his first job and it is during this journey that he sees a girl who makes his heart beat faster. The duration of the journey is enough to make him fall head-over-heels in love with the girl. He follows her and opens his feelings. Does the girl accept or is his love spurned? Is a storm raised because a boy so much as dared to propose his love to a girl? Madurai to Theni is a sweet account of these events.

The story might look very familiar and trodden upon, but it is the treatment that must be lauded. Madurai has been brought alive on screen and it is not through painful reconstruction of sets or period details. It is the characters within the bus and out of it that has been etched to the last details to give us a genuine feel of Madurai and surrounding regions. The characteristic slang adopted by all the actors is comparable with any of the well-made rural flicks of our times. All characters aboard the bus are colorful and add to the carefree feel of the initial portions of the movie. Also, the intelligent use of many yesteryear Ilayaraja hits, as they are played out in the bus spruces up the proceedings.
  Madurai To Theni

As mentioned, all the positives of Madurai to Theni (Vazhi Andipatti) lie in the director’s ability to bring alive the true rural essence without resorting to crass dialogues or any form of brutal violence that is generally passed off as the true rural flavor many times. The only pitfalls might be found in the debutante heroine’s (Srithika) performance. Her inexperience shows, mainly in the emotional scenes. The actor who appears as the bus conductor too comes across as artificial at times. Overlooking them, all artistes have done a commendable job. SS Music VJ Aravindh Vinodh makes a decent debut as the hero.

Having said that, it is also important to note that the Madurai to Theni team seems to have been very limited in their aspirations. A little more ambition and concerted effort could have made the movie a much better product because the script by director Rathibala has the potential. Music by JV blended well into the movie.

Madurai to Theni is for those who like to see simple and small movies which can leave a tiny good feeling lingering within, nothing special. It can also be considered as a colorful ride through Madurai and a jolly good time with the people of the place. It is, however, disappointing to note that the movie has got a very limited release for reasons unknown. One hopes that it is not lost in oblivion.

Verdict: Colorful ride through Madurai

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