Innoruvan Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Adithya, Manoha
Direction: Gunasekaran
Music: Aatish Uthriyan
Production: Akshaya Multimedia Creations
Innoruvan falls in the genre of B graders flooding the theatres of late. It is also interestingly a rags-to-riches fairy tale but not without any inevitable cinematic clichés and make-believes.

The film revolves around the story of a rag picker, who is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda’s principles and philosophies. He dreams big and achieves them one at a time – first a newspaper boy and then goes on to become a paper-mill baron. Not so much because of the principles

of Vivekananda he follows as one would think, but with the help of a girl whom he falls in love with. In the midst of all, he also earns the wrath of the local minister, who smuggles statues from temples and survives his rage.

While that forms the crux of the movie, M S Baskar’s separate comedy track in the name of comedy tickles a few funny bones. Many a times, Baskar’s track makes the movie bearable enough to watch.

Innoruvan largely stars debutants with an exception of M S Baskar and Kadhal Thandapani, who plays the minister. Aditya plays the lead role of a rag picker and Manoha, his lead lady. The unassuming team behind other technical aspects as camera, editing and music has delivered keeping in mind their limitations.

Most of the scenes in the movie border in on repulsiveness and you are sure to frown in more scenes than one for the same reason.

Innoruvan is just that – what its name suggests, yet another one.

Verdict: Old wine, not-so-new bottle!

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