Thee - No fire, no smoke
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Sundar C, Namitha, Ramya
Direction: G.Kitchaa
Music: Srikanth Deva
Production: Sree Movie makers
Director turned actor Sundar C’s new venture Thee has nothing new to his fans and the film is all about the clash between the politicians and police. Neither the plot of the story nor the presentation is new.

Sundar C, the honest police officer and care taker of justice fights against injustices wherever he finds them. Sayaji Shinde and G M Kumar’s gang gets punished, thanks to Sundar C which results in Kumar losing his M L A post. Having earned the wrath of Kumar, Sundar C pays for it by losing his two children in a skirmish hatched by

the baddies to eliminate his entire family. It is a revenge saga from now on and no marks for guessing the rest of the story.

The plight of the Malaysian import heroine Ramya is sad, to say the least. There is no scope for performance and she jives for two dance numbers and vanishes. Buxom babe Namitha tries to appear at her glamorous best in swim suits and fades away in twenty minutes. People who watch Sundar C’s films for his humor will be completely disappointed for there are no entertaining elements. A classic sample of logic becoming a casualty is the scene where CM hands over his resignation letter to a police officer who tears it immediately. There is no dearth of such instances in the film.

Sundar C is attempting to dance trying to remind the viewers of Bhagyaraj. Dialogues occasionally sparkle. The election manifesto of sending cooked food from ration shop to every house is one such example. That apart, the movie is simply another B grader.

Verdict: Watch it at your own risk

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