TN-07-AL-4777 Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Pasupathi, Simran, Meenakshi, Ajmal
Direction: A.Lakshmikanthan
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Mahadevan Ganesh and Usha Venkatramani
This remake of the Hindi Taxi No. 9211 is a sincere attempt by director Lakshmikanthan to stick to the original and the director has succeeded in his objective to a large extent also adding many new elements to suit the Tamil audience. The Hindi flick, which witnessed the legendary Nana Patekar and the handsome John Abraham in their elements, was a much talked about film. In the Tamil version, Pasupathy and Ajmal (of Anjathe fame) have brought in a lot of strength and uniqueness to their characters.

TN 07 AL 4777 is all about two personalities who are diametrically opposite and belong to the two extremes of the spectrum of society and how the hands of fate bring them together.

Pasupathy, a taxi driver, lives with his wife Simran and son. However, not wanting to disclose about his profession, lies to his wife that he is an LIC agent. Ajmal is the son of an extremely wealthy and affluent father who dies leaving his Rs. 500 crore property to his friend Venkatraman not trusting his profligate son. Meanwhile, a previously written will by Ajmal’s dad is in Ajmal’s locker. Ajmal files a complaint against Venkatraman in the court that the latter has cheated his dad and to prove his point he is on his way to the bank locker to produce the old will written on his name.

On the particular fateful day, Ajmal travels in Pasupathy’s car and in his haste to reach the court in time, he hurries Pasupathy and lures him with money for a fast ride and forces him to violate traffic rules. Pasupathy also heeds to Ajmal’s pleas succumbing to the monetary bug, which eventually lands his taxi in an accident that leads to a street brawl and police intervention. Later, Pasupathy is taken to the police station. Meanwhile, realizing the seriousness of the situation, Ajmal slowly slips away. Now Pasupathy hits the jackpot when he realizes that Ajmal in his rush, has left in his taxi, the key to the locker and decides to settle scores with him using this as his trump card.

What happens to Pasupathy after this and how he uses his trump card and whether Ajmal gets his property form the rest of the plot which is narrated in a very linear fashion.

Two hours of the film moves at a jet speed. The deft handling of the script by director Lakshmikanthan is commendable. Pasupathy and Simran have understood their characters perfectly and have essayed them well. Ajmal, who has the right mix of looks and talent, is a man to be watched out for. The scene where he unites Simran and Pasupathy is just a sample of his emoting skills. Pasupathy proves that he is after all an experienced artist from Koothu Pattarai in the sequence where he pleads to Ajmal not to hit him in front of his little son. Ajmal has also given the apt response in this emotional caper. Meenakshi of Karuppusamy Kuthagaidarar is Ajmal’s girl friend and there is nothing to say about her.

Music by Vijay Antony is just passable. Songs do not merge with the film and stand out separately. The remix song of Sorgam Maduvile is an eye sore. Cinematography by R.B. Gurudev is up to the mark while Sasikumar in the department of editing is satisfactory.

Verdict: A good racy film sans unnecessary frills! Worth watching!

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