Perumal Review
Review by : Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Starring: Sundar.C, Meenakshi, Namitha, Vivek
Direction: Vincent Selva
Music: Srikanth Deva.
Production: Pa. Shanmugam
Sundar C, an unlikely candidate for the Valentine’s weekend has made it to theaters with Perumal. Sundar C starrers, though not many in number have always had one thing in common in them, fun. It is the fun factor in his films that has kept them going in theaters for reasonable lengths of time starting with the riotous Thalainagaram. By fun, we don’t mean just comedy, there has been a general lighter vein running through his films that have catalyzed their success (though limited at the box office). This time though, he and Vincent Selva have been ambitious and tried something more.

Perumal starts quite turbulently in the setting of a hospital where a mafia is at work adulterating drugs for a huge profit. But, their illegal works come to light when a junior doctor catches them in the act. Obviously, they want to wipe out the only person who has found out the truth about them and set out after her. She runs into the darkness and into Sundar. C. He is not a very good Samaritan either, a small time thug who does the job of loan recoveries for an agency. But, being the hero, he has to protect the damsel in distress and enters the swamp that may put him in grave danger along with the junior doctor. That he finally manages to bring the mafia to book would be obvious, but how he does it is the question.

Well, as said before, the film is far more ambitious than previous Sundar C films. The theme really has the potential to make for gripping viewing, but it is the presentation that has faltered. The most important thing in a movie handling such a theme should be the element of suspense, here that element goes for a toss in the initial portions, nothing is left to guesswork and concomitantly the viewer is likely to lose interest in proceedings, knowing too well what will happen. The director has floundered in handling the subject. Also, the plot could have merited a pretty linear narrative with few deviations, but commercial compulsions seemed to have swayed the focus of the director. That’s where Namitha comes in, no connection with the central plot, she plays a crook who specializes in stealing cars. But, we know that she is in the movie purely for glamour which is given in strong doses in a couple of songs. Vivek’s comedy does not work, barring a couple of scenes. Kota Srinivasa Rao does his usual bit as the bad man, but there is nothing in the role to challenge the actor.

Technically there is not much that one can single out for appreciation or criticism. Srikanth Deva’s music is a let down, there is no song that sticks to you for any length of time. The fights at many points fail to add any excitement to proceedings, they are over the top and tend to test your patience at places.

Overall, Perumal is a potent idea gone wrong. The theme had the ability to give suspense and thrills that would have made for engaging viewing but the director has failed to sustain either of these, it does not make for interesting viewing. At the box office, the lack of regular Sundar C fun elements will disappoint his fans and the slack presentation will put off other audience. Sundar C’s clean sheet as an actor is likely to get its first blot. The Perumal team has to wait and watch for the public’s verdict.

Verdict: Perumal - drab affair

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