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Ennai Theriyuma

Ennai Theriyuma – Movie Review

Ennai Theriyuma
Movie review

Starring: Manoj kumar, Riya sen, Sneha ullal, Nasser

Direction: Ajay Sasthri

Music: Dharan

Production: Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

Memory loss is a favorite topic with film makers. Must be because it allows the freedom to make a character go round in circles and create a lot of confusion without having to offer other explanations. We have seen many movies that deal with various kinds of amnesia - permanent, short term, instant and many other forms. The best south Indian movie based on memory loss is definitely Ghajini and now we have Ennai Theriyuma that deals with a similar predicament. The similarities end with the fact that the protagonists in both the movies suffer from memory loss. If Ghajini had the 15 minute version, Ennai Theriyuma deals with overnight memory loss.
Ennai Theriyuma, is a bilingual that has already released in Telugu a few weeks back. It marks the debut of Manoj Kumar, son of Telugu hero Mohan Babu. Now, you can be forgiven for thinking that this is a tried and tested formula being used again. But, there is something about memory loss and its repercussions that can make a plot watchable. Most of all, there is the unpredictability about the patient’s ability to recall facts. The story revolves around a rich young man who has everything going for him in life except his memory; he can’t remember a thing about his life after a night’s sleep. He has to refresh his memory every morning with tapes that spell out his past and identity. Rich in money and poor in memory makes this young man look like a sitting duck to people who want to get rich fast. A clever plot is hatched and as expected the young man walks straight into it, oblivious of what’s happening. Before he knows, he is in trouble with the law.

Enter Sneha Ullal as a police officer. She shows extra interest in taking up this case which makes you suspect that there is more to it than just a police officer’s zest to get to the bottom of things. How the young man extricates himself from the quagmire and identifies friend from foe forms the rest of the plot. Interestingly narrated not making room for boredom.

The debutant has proved that he is worth the legacy. This is not an excellent debut but he has shown the right credentials, worked hard in the dance and fight scenes. Good enough to earn him a few opportunities, one would guess. Sneha Ullal appears down south and passes off pretty well. Riya Sen appears in an important role. She delivers the glamour that is generally associated with her presence. One can’t help but wonder that even after a decade in the industry; she is yet to find a role that offers her scope to highlight her acting skills. Nevertheless, her role is a job well done, fitting into the requirements of her character. Nasser is present in a cameo. Brahmanandam is hilarious as Burmani (the Indian version of Armani), his scenes liven up proceedings.

Technically, the movie has pretty decent values. It has been shot well. Of the five songs, two (ever ever and karuthirukku) impress. The film is a carefully constructed mix of all elements that are considered necessary in a commercial. The end product reflects the effort. Knowing that expectations from a debutante’s movie will not be great, it can be said that Ennai Theriyuma will not disappoint.

At the box office, low star value, a Telugu flavor and strong competition may pull it back, but it has got its chances. Reports from Tollywood are that the Telugu version has been well received. Let’s see if that can be replicated here.

Verdict – Try, you might like it!

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