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Starring: Saranya Mohan, Vishnu, Kishore.
Direction: Susindhran
Music: V. Selvaganesh
Production: K. Anand Chakravarthy.
The success of sports based films like Lagaan, Chak De in Hindi and Chennai 28 in Tamil must have prompted the debutant director Susindran to embark upon a similar subject in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. However this time around, the crew has taken Kabadi as the central theme with a poetically titled team with many fresh faces on and off screen.

The setting of the story is a village near Pazhani. A small boy in the village is deeply interested in Kabadi and will not step into school before playing at least a single game. His interest in the game is such that sometimes he misses even his meals. As luck would have it, his father dies in a freak accident and he is forced to work in the farmlands dropping his studies.

As a youngster also he (hero Vishnu) is not able to pursue his interest of playing Kabadi but is resigned to looking after the clothes of the boy’s team when they play the game. This team from village has an infamous reputation of never having won a single game in any tournament.

In an unexpected event, in a Kabbadi match in a village thiruvizha, Vishnu is given a chance to play as a substitute for a boy and his potential comes to the fore which coach Kishore does not fail to recognize. An unsure decision on whether he is out of the game or not triggers a big brawl and the teenagers are reprimanded by their parents. Meanwhile love blossoms between Vishnu and Saranya Mohan who comes to visit the village carnival.

Later on, the team goes to Madurai to participate in a Kabadi match but is not allowed to do so as there are professional teams vying for the title. In an unexpected turn of events, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu is made to par take in the match and the ensuing fast paced forty five minutes compensate for the sagging slow moving film in the first half.

Debutant Vishnu (son of IG of Police- North Zone Ramesh Kudawla) has done his part satisfactorily. Saranya Mohan reveals that she is an experienced star after all compared to her fellow artists.

Some of the sequences in the village carnival like the uriyadi, cycle racing and parotta devouring are lively. Climax is deliberately shot differently. Debutant music composer Selva Ganesh, son of Ghatam maestro Vikku Vinayakram sparkles in a few numbers. Camera work by J Laxman Kumar meets the requirements. All in all, a different attempt but they should have taken adequate care to narrate it more interestingly.

Go for it, for it’s second half.

Verdict: Bronze medal!

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