1977 Movie Review
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Starring: Sarath Kumar, Namitha, Sandhya Shetty, Farzana
Direction: Dinesh Kumar
Music: Vidyasagar
Production: RSK Pictures
It has been touted as one of the biggest films of Sarath Kumar’s career in terms of scale. Plot wise, there appears to be nothing new as the actor once again plays father and son and we have lost count of the number of times he has done that. The formula has worked very well for Sarath many times and he returns to it at a time when he badly needs a hit at the box office.

1977 tells the story of a son who is out to find the truth about his father’s life and the reason behind his death. The
  Sarath Kumar, Namitha

movie begins in a peaceful coastal village where Sarath Kumar (senior) is a sort of father figure. He is shown as a person who believes in peace and brotherhood. His son, Sarath Kumar (junior) is an acclaimed scientist and has just won a National Award. The whole village is prepared to receive its son, his father too is anxious to welcome him back home. But, his eyes come across a piece of paper, the contents of which seem to shock him deeply. He passes away. His son is dismayed and at the same time intrigued by the contents of the paper. His quest to find the secrets behind what is in the paper takes him to Malaysia where he discovers a disturbing truth about his father’s life. How he sets about correcting all the wrongs that happened in one horrible incident in 1977 is the rest of the story.

Sons fighting battles that their fathers left unfinished is a story that is as old as the hills and when father and son are both played by Sarath Kumar, then it becomes all the more predictable. Hence it is a challenge for the director to keep the viewer engaged and in suspense till the end. Disappointingly, he fails big time. The movie falls well within the first half and fails to get up, dust itself and move. The screenplay lacks strength and the director’s execution has only made matters worse. It is as if the director had no clear focus about what he wanted to deliver on screen. The add-ons - action and glamour are there in plenty. Namitha for the third time in 3 weeks has a release and delivers the expected. In fact, her introduction scene is one of the few instances when the movie looks up. This might be one of the rare instances when an actress playing an advocate has indulged in so much glamour. Farzana too is used for enhancing the glamour quotient, she fails to add any strength to the movie. Action scenes have been shot lavishly, but when the backbone i.e. story and screenplay are weak, these elements appear superfluous. Vivek delivers a tasteless comic track this time. Senior artistes like Vijayakumar and Radharavi are there in naught but name. And, the man of the movie, hero Sarath Kumar has tried hard to do all that he can to carry the movie on his shoulders but falls short.

Technically, the cinematographer seems to have toed the line drawn by the director. Music by Vidhyasagar is very ordinary. There is not a single song that is good to listen; the background music is even more testing.

At the box office, the movie will find it hard to keep even die hard Sarath Kumar fans happy and is unlikely to deliver the long overdue hit for the veteran actor.

Verdict: Lackluster show

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