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Durai Durai

Durai Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Arjun, Kirath

Direction: A.Venkatesh

Music: D.Imman

Production: P.L.Thenappan

Action King Arjun is back, this time with Durai, where he has handled the story and screenplay departments in addition to playing the lead. Arjun films are almost always targeted at his core audience, fans who love to see him in action, with a good dose of humor and glamour thrown in and this has been working quite well for the actor over a period of time. Durai attempts to be the same regular Arjun movie, but does it provide the entertainment that it promises?
Durai revolves around the life of a man who suffers from amnesia. As in every cinematic depiction of amnesia, the patient has lost all recollection of his identity and his past. He has started a new life as a helper in a canteen run by Vivek, with no memory of what he was before amnesia struck him. Even though he has left his past behind him, his past doesn’t seem to be happy to let him go. Ghosts from the past reappear to haunt his new life. But he has little idea of what is going on and the reason behind it. And then, a miracle happens and all his memory is returned and he is the same person. Now that he is back, he is able to understand what has been happening to him, recollections of disturbing events and a dark secret that was responsible of landing him in deep trouble. Settling scores is a natural progression which culminates in an action filled climax. Political rivalry and jealousy are the reasons behind all the bad blood and enmity.

The storyline as one can see has nothing special to it, calling it thin might be an understatement. Amnesia has been used umpteen number of times in Tamil cinema and Durai somehow
reminds us of Vettrivizha, where Kamal had suffered from amnesia. The thin storyline has been coupled with a script that moves at a sluggish pace, something not expected from an Arjun starrer. Proceedings fail to interest the viewer right from the word go. Vivek’s comedy tries to liven up matters and succeeds to an extent in some scenes and falls flat in others. The heroines, Keerath and Ghazala have nothing much to do (a statement that is being repeated way too often for comfort). Ghazala, however does manage to impress at places; Keerath is totally wasted.

Music by D. Imman has not managed to make a mark. The composer had been making promising strides but falls short this time. There seems to be a host of remixes, starting with the super hit ‘Rajadhi Raja’ number from Agninatchathiram which fails to impress. Then there is Boney M’s cult hit that has been rehashed and also used as the background score in many places, which too looks pretty ordinary.

Overall, Durai is a regular Arjun movie that fails to provide the regular entertainment. The weak story and loose script are the major drawbacks and with all his experience in tinsel town, Arjun ought to have done better. Even the trademark action sequences are missing with only the climax fight justifying the title of Action King.

At the box office Durai will find the going tough. Even core Arjun fans might not take a liking to the movie. Director Venkatesh of Aaei fame and Arjun ought to have done better.

Verdict Falls short by quite a distance

Kadhalil Vizhundhen
Raman Thediya Seethai
Poi Solla Porom
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