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Kadhalil Vizhundhen Kadhalil Vizhundhen

Kadhalil Vizhundhen – Prepare to fall in love!

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Kadhalil Vizhundhen
Movie review

Starring: Nakul, Sunaina, Hariraj, Livingston, Sampath, Pasi Sathya

Direction: P V Prasath

Music: Vijay Antony

Production: S Umapathy

After all the Nakka Mukka hype, it is time for Kadhalil Vizhundhen, the movie to stand up on its merits and be counted. It is a movie full of debutants, made by the youth for the youth. The title itself indicates a theme that rides on romance, the trailers have shown that there is a fair share of action and drama and one need not elaborate more on the popularity of the music, a commercial mix. But it is not the commercial mixes but the neat presentation that makes a movie do well in theaters.
The theme of Kadhalil Vizhundhen is not something very novel, but the director has taken care that things do not get boring at any point of time. At the outset, the movie is the regular boy meets girl, love blossoms, three duets, villain enters, fights, drama and a climax fare, but the sequence of events and the characters make the movie interesting to watch. The hero, Nakul, is one with a disturbed past, a childhood that was marred by the loss of one parent and the callousness of another; he has to work hard to get himself an education. His passion for fast bikes is what makes him fall (literally) in love with heroine, Sunaina. The sequences of events that lead to the blossom of romance are highly cinematic but undeniably enjoyable. As expected, the romance which is separated by a wide socio-economic gulf does not find acceptance. Then, there seems to be more to the opposition than just social status and other regular factors. Is there some conspiracy afoot with larger and more sinister goals? The answer to all these questions awaits you in theaters.

As said earlier, it is not the story but the treatment that is fresh
in Kadhalil Vizhundhen. The director has maintained a consistent tempo from start to finish, with some scenes making a definite impact like the one where the police inspector, played by Sampath gets the rough end of the stick from Nakul and also the scene where a rather petrified Livingston too faces the same treatment - the scene evokes amusement. Heroine Sunaina has done what is required of her. But the stand out performance is by Nakul, actress Devayani’s younger brother. At first one may find it difficult to believe that this is the same boy who rolled about with his plump body in Boys. Five years down the line, the transformation is extraordinary. He has tried his hand in Telugu in the interim, you hear. Here, he looks perfect hero material, be it in the songs, fights or scenes; the hard work shows as he delivers an energetic performance. This guy has definitely got a future in Tamil cinema. The surprise packet in the cast is Saimira Venkat who makes a one scene cameo which makes us wonder whether he can start a career as an actor.

Technically, Kadhalil Vizhundhen rises above the standards that we generally see for a debutant venture. Camera and editing have done a world of good to the movie. But the single largest factor here seems to be Vijay Antony who has simply turned it on with his musical score. Apart from the foot-thumping Nakka Mukka, Thozhiya En Kadhaliya and Un Thailamudi make a good impact, hats off and keep up the great work.

Overall, Kadhalil Vizhundhen is a movie that deals with a regular theme in a refreshing manner. Debutant director P.V. Prasad has understood perfectly the requirements of the script. He has taken quite a few cinematic liberties but has handled all of them well which keep boredom or ridicule well at bay. Great work for a debutant. Kadhalil Vizhundhen has introduced to Tamil cinema a talented director and a young hero who has all that it takes to go the distance.

At the box office there is no doubt about the target audience, the youth of all classes. They are most likely to enjoy this one to the fullest, especially the love struck ones. With the marketing led by Sun TV, the movie stands great chances of making it big at the box office.

Verdict For the youth, by the youth…

Raman Thediya Seethai
Poi Solla Porom
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