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Poi Poi

Poi Solla Porom Movie Review

Poi Solla Porom – The liar is in town!
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Movie review

Starring: Karthik Kumar, Preethi, Nedumudi Venu, Mouli, Nazer, Delhi Ganesh

Direction: Vijay

Music: M G Shree Kumar

Production: Priyadarshan

Director Vijay’s second venture Poi Solla Porom is Khosla Ka Ghosla meets Veedu. Only, it’s neither as witty as Khosla nor as intense as Veedu. That apart, the movie is fun and enjoyable, with a slightly different storyline that has not been tried for a long time in Tamil cinema. With a decent cast that fits to the T, and its unpretentious, on-the-face narration, the movie easily passes through as a perfect excuse for killing time without being bored to death. Finally, this is one movie that does not revolve around mushy romances or vengeful villains.
Nedumudi Venu is a middle class father who nurses the classic middle-class dream of owning a house. He purchases a plot with his hard-earned 30 lakhs with the help of real estate broker Hanifa. To his shock, on the day of the groundbreaking ceremony, he is threatened by Nasser and a gang of his goons claiming ownership of the land. He eventually loses the ownership and settles down to his earlier life with much distress.

Karthik, Venu’s son, is on the verge of flying to the US for employment and stumbles upon the visa agent Bossky who throws some light on this land-grabbing incident. Together, they (the entire family including Karthik’s fiancé’s family) hatch a plan to trap Nasser for his crookedness. What follows is a series of incidents that keep you engaged until the movie reaches its lightweight, yet agreeable climax.

Poi Solla Porom is of course a story of suffering losses in life and wreaking vengeance. However, what makes the movie tick is its realistic script, making the entire process believable and close to real life.
Nedumudi Venu breathes life into his middle class father character with the support of Rajesh’s dubbing that often seems to takeover, giving you a feeling as if Rajesh himself is in the role. Now, that makes it two actors in one role! But this doesn’t mean Nasser comes second – he’s just as good as Venu. Be it a callous and fraudulent real estate contractor or a loser, Nasser shows different shades of emotions, not for a moment letting the grip of his character get out of hand. The effervescent and spontaneous Mouly is riotous while playing dumb –something that comes naturally to Cochin Haneefa - a quality that Malayalam movies cashed in.

M G Sreekumar definitely has a long way to go before he can tune songs for Tamil movies. For starters, he has to realize that Malayalam and Tamil film music are a world apart. Not to mention Gopi Sundar’s background score, which is passable.

A neatly crafted screenplay, near-witty dialogues, and situations that are easy to relate with real life form the crux of Poi Solla Porom, making the movie more than just watchable.

Verdict – Watch it, it’s fun!

Dhaam Dhoom
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