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Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai Review

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Movie review

Starring: C.P.Satyajit, Anuja Iyer, Charan, Keevna, Kumaravel, Vidya Easwaran

Direction: Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam

Music: Aslam Mustafa

Production: Krsna cinema

This seems to be a good time for erstwhile Mani Ratnam assistants to start off on their own. A couple of weeks back we had Jeyam Kondaan and now we have Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai. Now, Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai (M3V) is poles apart from Jeyam Kondaan or from any film that has released in the recent past.
You might be wondering about the number of ‘Mudhal’s in the title, three to be precise. Well, all three are justified because the movie is like a collection of all the ‘firsts’ in life. A baby’s first attempt to walk, first day to school, first love, first kiss and many other firsts going even to the ‘first death’ which is also the last in everyone’s case. M3V tells the story of an assistant director who aspires to make his own movie. The inspiration to make a movie is not just the fame and money, it is also love. The lady in his life wants him to be his own man before marrying him. The desperation is understandable as the talented but underappreciated assistant runs from pillar to post seeking opportunities. Then there is fate that has decided to poke its rather intrusive self into proceedings which makes things further difficult for the protagonist. Then there is the final twist where one might agree that fate is not as cruel as one thinks, but is definitely far more unpredictable than one ever thought and definitely impossible to understand.

M3V is not a regular feature film. Yes, there are songs, cinematic scenes and things like that. But the way they have been put together don’t make them the regular movie. To think that it was
the inability of the director which resulted in this would be a folly. The (call it docu-fiction) nature of the movie is definitely intentional. It is more a chronicle of slices of life more than anything else, told through the mind of a person, in narration. As the title implies, ‘firsts’ play an important role and the movie is full of them; literally because M3V is full of debutants, behind and on the screen. C.P. Sathyajith, Anuja Iyer, Keevna and Charan form the lead cast and have done creditably.

One can’t really effectively review this kind of movie, except say that it is different and something as different as this has to be experienced. One cannot vouch for any audience enjoying this, responses can be extremely polarized based on personal tastes. Technically, the movie has nothing great to offer except the style of narration. In spite of telling the story of an assistant director, the movie never delves into the world of movies. Fouzia behind the camera and Aslam Musthafa have done a good job.

To sum up M3V, it is something that never attempts to be a regular movie. Telling the story of an assistant director from an upwardly mobile class, it presents the thought processes and lifestyles of people who don’t have to worry about their livelihoods. It lives in moments, especially poetic moments, like when a blind man says that his favorite movie is ‘The sound of music’.

M3V is not something that one would expect to be accepted at all levels. In fact, one would give it chances only in multiplexes and even here only select audience with patience and observation might be able to fully appreciate it. Niche, is what we would like to call it. Congrats, director Krishna Shehsadri Komadam for being daringly different.

Verdict Radically different, for the first time

Poi Solla Porom
Dhaam Dhoom
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