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A Aa E Ee A Aa E Ee

A Aa E Ee– Movie Review

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A Aa E Ee
Movie review

Starring: Navdeep, Monica, Saranya Mohan, Arvind Akash, Manorama, Prabu Ganesan, Livingstone and others.

Direction: D.Sabapathy

Music: Vijay Antony

Production: AVM

Imagine those drag sitcoms they used to telecast on national television, especially the ones that are made in less-than-a-shoe-string’s budget and happen mostly in a single room with the help of set props to depict different locations? We didn’t find ‘A Aa E Ee’ any different from those sitcoms and the movie was nightmarishly reminiscent of those excruciatingly boring, no-other-choice days.
A Aa… is a sloppy C grader with an excuse of a plot that makes you feel watching your dog sleep an immensely pleasurable task. We had no clue what the director thought would be necessary for a family entertainer (we will come back to the usage of the word entertainer a little later) – that families don’t approve of girls marrying a man after losing their virginity or falling in love after seeing someone unclothed or the whole idea of making a movie after painstakingly researching the bad Tamil movies of the late 80s.

While this is the status of the movie’s plot, there is no respite from other quarters – dialogues, technicalities, cinematography. The dialogues oscillate somewhere between the Kindergarten and Upper Primary levels, the camera angles are non-existent and the locations passé.

Now if that’s not torment enough, Kanja Karuppu, in the name of comedy and entertainment leaves you choking with his mind numbing turn-off one liners. And gosh, we shudder to think that he’s paid for it, in the testing times of economic recession no less.

It is quite possible that Prabhu reminisced about his Chinna Thambi days while doing this movie. Sadly, his role in the movie is reduced to no less than a caricature

Verdict – ulaga tholaikaatchigalil mudal murayaaga

Dindigul Sarathy
Abhiyum Naanum
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