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Thiruvannamalai– Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Arjun, Pooja Gandhi

Direction: Perarasu

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: Kavithalaya Productions

Perarasu’s sixth film, and he still continues with his fascination for naming his movies after places. He also continues following the set pattern and formula he is known for. Thiruvannamalai marks the first time Perarasu has got together with Action King Arjun. Considering the style of Perarasu and the kinds of films that Arjun does, one is surprised that it took this long for this combination to happen. Thiruvannamalai deals with the injustice and atrocities in society and how tough life has become in the midst of such complete chaos. In fact, the movie is at times, a debate over the better way to counter or face such bad elements of society; the violent way or the more Gandhian way, though there is no direct reference to Gandhian methods.
Arjun is a young man who can’t stand crime and injustice. He makes it a habit of getting involved in every small issue around town and gets into fights and arguments on a regular basis. His mother is not able to digest this violent streak of her son and also fears for his safety, but Arjun is of the view that to live in such a society, one has to adopt such violent ways failing which the bad men will run over you. From then on the debate begins and the culmination is the vindication of one of these methods. It is not a debate in the real sense, but the story moves in a way that finally one of them is proved right.

You do get a surprise in Thiruvannamalai when you realize that Arjun is actually doing a double role in the movie. This is something that has been a closely guarded secret, not giving away even a clue in the promos and trailers; naturally, when the second Arjun makes an appearance at interval point you are surprised. Then there is an interesting role reversal of the two Arjuns which is the fulcrum of the movie.

Perarasu has made a pretty good effort this time round, taking care not to allow boredom to set in at many places. As usual he has handled all the key departments of the movie. But the fact is that neither the director nor anyone else involved in the movie seems to have been ambitious and that’s why the end product looks pretty much average. If there is nothing you can trash about movie, there is also not much that you can appreciate. The fights are in keeping with the standards of any Arjun movie. The music by Srikanth Deva is passable at best, save one melody - 'solla sugame' which is good to hear; it doesn’t lend any strength to the movie. There is nothing else that can be mentioned as highs or lows. But one thing that can be changed about Perarasu’s films are his insistence to throw in a cameo for himself with punch lines, sometimes it looks really unnecessary. Also, with so many lyricists around who can do a better job, why does he want to take on the responsibility himself?

Arjun has come up with an energetic performance, looking more chirpy on screen, especially in the first half – his fans will love him. Saikumar as the lead villain does the usual bad man stuff. Pooja Gandhi is shown as the heroine but is there just to make up the numbers, not much of a role. Karunas gets bits and pieces here and there to provide comic relief, but is really too little to make anyone laugh.

Overall, Thiruvannamalai is a full length Arjun action show in true Perarasu style. The movie has remained true to its tagline of Action Jyothi. Arjun fans and Perarasu loyalists certainly won’t be disappointed. But the average viewer might not take too much interest. The movie has got all the elements in a pretty good mix to attract the B and C center audiences, but nothing can be said for certain.

Verdict – Thiruvannamalai – Perarasu ‘Win’?

Dindigul Sarathy
Abhiyum Naanum
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