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Ghajini – Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan

Direction: A.R. Murugadoss

Music: A.R. Rahman

Production: Tagore Madhu, Madhu Mantena

Aamir Khan, the perfectionist is back with his new movie Ghajini. And for the first time in his career he has acted in a South remake. As always the marketing push by Aamir was exhilarating. The marketing done for the movie can be taken as a case study in many b schools as it tried uncharted terrains. With such a brilliant plan converted into hype, it made Ghajini the most sought after title to be released this season. Has it lived up to its humongous expectations? A definite Yes!
This Hindi remake of the Tamil Ghajini which was again an inspiration from Hollywood's Memento pleased everyone with a tight screenplay and a top notch performance from the lead actors.

The movie is about Sanjay(Aamir), a millionaire, who falls in love with Kalpana(Asin) a model. Kalpana gets into a hustle with a local gunda, Ghajini, who kills her and hits Sanjay with a rod which makes him a short term memory loss patient. Now Sanjay should fight against all odds to avenge the death of his beloved. How he does it with the help of a medical student Sunita (Jiah) forms the rest of the story.

Audiences who have seen the Tamil version can get a little bored as A.R.Murugadoss has made very few changes to the script and scenes until the last 30 minutes. The screenplay is well laced with interesting events which makes the 3 hours running time well worth the ride. What, When and How are questions you should never ask in any masala movie, but there are a few scenes which does sparkle against its Tamil version. The last 30 minutes for instance is very good when compared to the Tamil version whose climax was literally laughable.

Cinematography by Ravi K. Chandran is a major plus, as the pro has fully utilized the freedom the director has given and come up with stylish presentation of the scenes and innovatively captured songs sequences. Behka and Ae Bhachu song will surely sparkle in his already sparkling repertoire. His see-saw camera movement at the fag end of the movie is just poetic. Editing is top notch. Stunts are choreographed brilliantly as it relies more on raw power than over the top flying antics. Music by A.R.Rahman gels well with the overall feel of the movie, Ghuzarish, Behka and all the other songs are brilliant compositions from the master musician but the background score is jarring at times, especially the Villian's BG which is certainly not expected from the Maestro.

Aamir lives the role of Sanjay Singhania. If Vikram took a dog as an inspiration for his portrayal in Pithamagan, Aamir has taken a tiger for inspiration. His acting in the pulse pounding climax is a proof of how matured an actor he is; the pain, the intensity, the anger he showed here is so high that we could actually believe that the wound and damage attained by the strong henchmen of the villain is actually possible. As the sophisticated millionaire he is dignified and looks very handsome. His overly debated 8 packs has been flaunted effectively which is quite needed for the movie. Asin has done her role with élan, but the chirpiness in the Tamil version was missing a wee bit in this version but still a strong debut in Bollywood- kudos. Jiah Khan has a meaty role and she has used the opportunity to the fullest. She is a complete natural. Pradeep Rawant as Ghajini has done a brilliant job, much better than the Tamil Ghajini. Riaaz Khan who again dons the inspector role was over the top most of the time and a complete let down

Overall the movie is a well packaged action masala entertainer, with some great acting, a tight screenplay, great music and some extraordinary action which makes it a complete paisa vasool. Go for it.

Verdict – A complete masala entertainer

By Harish V

Dindigul Sarathy
Abhiyum Naanum
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