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Panjamirtham– Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Prakash Raj, Nasser, Jayaram, Samiksha, Saranya Mohan, Arvind

Direction: Raju Eswaran

Music: Sundar C Babu

Production: Abhirami Ramanathan

If you thought teaching the morals of Hindu mythologies to kids are a far cry in this be-fast-or-get-run-over corporate world, Panjamirtham is worth a try. Laced with a decent and inventive storyline that blends easily from good-old-Ramayana to the modern-day, Panjamirtham has the ability to hold the attention of pre-teenagers, although it doesn’t come anywhere close to the choicest of animated series they see on television and the video games they live on.
The storyline is taken from the Ramayana. Mareesan, Ravana’s brother, who disguises himself as a deer to attract Seetha’s attention gets killed by Rama with a curse and becomes a rock.

Cut to Kalyug, Nasser is a millionaire businessman who lives in Ooty. His domestic helps Ilavarasan, M S Baskar and Mayilsamy live on him and siphon his finances off. Under these circumstances, Saranya Mohan joins as Nasser’s Personal Assistant and puts check on the cash flow. Now Ilavarasan and Co hire the dimwit hit men Karunas and Kanja Karuppu to kill Saranya. She gets pushed off a cliff and lands straight on the Mareesan rock. Mareesan gets his life back and, to show his gratitude, agrees to serve Saranya. Now it’s upto Saranya to employ Mareesan, who is only visible to her vision, to save her life and bring the swindlers to justice.

Panjamirtham also has a few sub-plots to make the proceedings of the movie interesting - significant one being the Idumban’s story. And there is also a love story for Mareesan .

Prakash Raj plays Ravanaa and Jeyaram, Mareesan. Mayilsamy, Kanja Karuppu and Karunas are nothing short of a riot. Director Raju Iswaran dons the role of Idumban, a demon who gets punished by Mareesan. Graphics and animation scenes are just about average while the music is passable.

The target audience of Panjamirtham is kids below 14 years and the movie is honest enough not to try anything more. Except for Nasser’s dance with skimpily clad women, the movie is largely watchable and entertaining – from a pre-teenager’s perspective. And the fact that the movie is released in a long Christmas weekend could favor its opening, if not returns in the long run.

Director Raju Iswaran’s intention is not to preach but to amuse people, and he took a cue from Ramayana conveniently to achieve the purpose. Only fewer questions on logic could be raised since the movie falls in the fantasy genre. Worth a watch with family and boisterous kids over the weekend, at least the movie doesn’t have anything queasy that makes you squirm while watching it.

Verdict – Family and Kids only!

Dindigul Sarathy
Abhiyum Naanum
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