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Pandi Pandi

Pandi - Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Sneha, Namitha, Sreeman, Nasser, Saranya

Direction: Raasu Maduravan

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: Hitesh Jabak

With its simple story woven into the texture of the movie, Pandi proves to be an average entertainer that seems tailor-made for frontbenchers.

Raghava Lawrence and Sreeman, sons of the couple Nasser and Saranya, are two extremes. While Sreeman is the perfect example (note, only example) of an ideal son, Lawrence figures in the dangerously-short-tempered-son-who-is-of-less-value-to-the-family category. For these reasons, his entire family, except mother Saranya, hates him with their whole heart. Meanwhile, Lawrence meets Sneha and falls in love.
A crucial gridlock in the family brings to light Sreeman’s ugly side and he elopes with his father’s hard-earned money saved for his sister’s wedding. Lawrence takes over from this point and shoulders his family’s responsibility. In the process, he moves to Dubai for greener pastures.

Sneha is the show-stealer and announces the arrival of a siren. So much for her good girl next door image. She gyrates hard for the three songs in her designer outfits – of course, scantier than her earlier movies. The songs Kuthu madhippa and the Maasi Maasam remix song (done shoddily, making you wonder what the point was in brutally butchering the lovely original) provide ample scope for Sneha’s dancing skills. Sneha’s sexy dance moves also makes poor Namitha’s item numbers look lackluster.

While Nasser, Saranya, and Sreeman score with their performances, Lawrence looks as if he definitely needs acting lessons. Or is it just that director Raasu Maduravan felt felt a hero need not bend backwards to make himself look credible?
That apart, U.K. Senthilkumar’s camera feasts on Namitha big time and Suresh Urs’ neat editing flows with the movie without interrupting the course of it.

Verdict : Sneha overrides!

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