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Silandhi Silandhi

Silandhi - Frail cobweb!

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Movie review

Starring: Munna, Monica, Riyaz Khan, Nellai Siva

Direction: Aathi

Music: M.R.Karthik

Production: Shakar

While thriller as a genre finds few takers in Tamil cinema (remember Akku?), Silandhi is an attempt to reopen the topic. The movie defies the rules of Tamil cinema, running only to 100 minutes (although not without songs). A commendable attempt, though. However, there are no excuses for trying an overused and tawdry storyline. Besides, using contemporary issues (that seem forced and biased) to give the story a new-look is barely justification enough.
While the honeymoon couple, Munna and Monicka, make merry, Monicka is haunted with a few incidents and strongly feels the possibility of a stalker intruding their private lives. To make matters worse, her friends are brutally slaughtered by a stranger. When
things go out of hand, she spills the beans about the party-hard and blind date lifestyle of her roomies before marriage and how it culminated into the murder of an innocent man. And the worst of her fears are realized when the stalker’s identification is revealed.

Silandhi could have been one of the creepiest thrillers, however, the director’s conviction in portraying the lifestyle of young girls (IT professionals, it is told) as sex-maniacs seems contrived and lacks credibility. And the movie falls flat on its nose when the stalker delivers a two-page dialogue about how his dreams of marrying off his sister and taking care of his elderly mother were shattered owing to these girls’ crude sexual desires.


Director Aathiraj quit his more-than-a-decade old job as a journalist for an evening daily to direct Silandhi and it is easy to decipher the source of his inspiration. The movie is shot using HDD camera and the clear winner is Fausia’s cinematography and the goose-flesh inducing angles. So it is M. Karthick’s background score that deserves a special mention.

Monicka has tried her best to shed the good-girl-next-door image and struts around scantily clad with a near-innocent face. Chandru – the erstwhile PRO – plays the villain and shoulders the responsibility with considerable ease.

And, before we forget, the movie has an A certificate

Verdict : Average thriller!

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