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Sandai Sandai

Sandai Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Sundar C, Ragini, Nadiya, Vivek, Namitha, Napolean

Direction: Shakthi Chidambaram

Music: Dhina

Production: Radha Shakthi Chidambaram

You need no introduction to the Shakthi Chidambaram brand of cinema- he makes movies purely for entertainment and most often they work. This time the director who had formerly specialized in Sathyaraj starrers has teamed up with Sundar C to provide Sandai. Most of you might be a bit unfamiliar with the title, the fact being that this movie went through a few title changes before finally settling for Sandai, it was originally titled Porukki which didn’t go down too well with Tamil connoisseurs who demanded that tax exemption should not be handed to such offending titles.
Sandai is about a mother, played by Nadiya who unintentionally ends up marrying her daughter (Ragini) to the son of the person she despises most and the resulting fiasco as she tries to run the marriage into rocks. The son as you might have guessed is Sundar C. Now, all this hatred for someone in the family is not about property dispute or other similar circumstances that normally cause family conquests- this has, instead, to do with Nadiya’s husband Napolean’s death and some ensuing misunderstandings that are interestingly narrated. Kadhal Dandapaani too plays a key role in these portions.

The story takes off when Nadiya, who is settled in Bangkok, brings her daughter down to Coimbatore to get married to another NRI. But strange happenings, a few failed kidnapping attempts, and one which is finally successful -where Nadiya’s daughter is taken hostage - followed by a surprising turn of events and a few threats later, the groom and the family withdraw from the marriage leaving Nadiya in a lurch. In a split second decision she asks Sundar C (her bodyguard) to take the groom’s place, only to realize she has blindly walked into a plan that was cleverly set down by her elder brother played by Lalu Alex (Malayalam actor). The rest of the story revolves around the clashes between the son-in-law and mother-in law, her clever plans to prove to her daughter that Sundar C is not a man worthy of her and his fitting replies to all her schemes. Namitha appears in one such scheme where Nadiya wants to prove Sundar C’s infidelity. Namitha as usual has been used to raise the glamour quotient and she does what is required of her (she is becoming something of a constant in Shakthi Chidambaram’s movies).

Sandai isn’t much of a movie, but it doesn’t bore you at any point either. Vivek’s double act comedy track raises a few laughs, generally rising above the rather ordinary form that he has been showing off late.

Dhina’s music sounds good in parts; the October Madhathil song deserves mention However, the real eye catchers are definitely the two ‘kuthu’ numbers: Aathadi and Vanthuttanda, sung by father and son (T. Rajendar and Silambarasan) respectively, the front benchers are sure to go berserk when these numbers play out on screen. The other technical aspects have been well taken care of but there is nothing notable on any front.

Raj Kapoor has done a neat job here, but the movie belongs totally to Shakthi Chidambaram who has handled story, screenplay, dialogues and direction. He has not

allowed slackness to set in at any point, and has thus succeeded in making a product that will cater well to those who ask for nothing but free flowing entertainment, a bit of sentiment, action and glamour. The film remains faithful to its purpose of entertaining and has good prospects in the B and C centers. This will be yet another good one in Sundar C’s almost 100% record.

Verdict: Don't wear your thinking cap, just relax and enjoy.

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 Singakutti Kannum Kannum  Vaitheeswaram  Vellithirai Thotta
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