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Singakutti Singakutti

Singakutty - Dare not near!

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Movie review

Starring: Sivaji, Gowri Munjal, Malavika, Suja, Saranya, Vivek.

Direction: A. Venkatesh

Music: Prasanna Shekar

Production: Tamil Screen

If it's true that a debutante’s fate lies with the director and the script, it's evident that Sivaji from the veteran household has made a monumental mistake in both turfs. For Singakutty, with a story line that is done to death, is a tedious and barren effort plagued with myriad downers.
Sivaji returns home after having been trained as a Sub-Inspector. The job is hard-earned and is his mother's dream: she wants her son to continue the police legacy left behind by her late husband. As soon as he steps out of the bus, Sivaji gets an anonymous call claiming to have kidnapped his mother, sister and girlfriend.

The villain – who is the brother of another thug whose earlier plans in a similar operation are foiled by the police with the help of Sivaji – is on a revenge trip and wants Sivaji to plant bombs in prominent places in the city. After heeding to the villain's command, now it's left to the hero to try and diffuse the bombs and save the lives of the three ladies.

If the story line doesn't sound tiring enough, there is lot more lined up for the whole 150 minutes. Like lackadaisical direction, atrocious editing, tawdry comedy track, and lame music. Sivaji is quick at stunt sequences and brisk in songs. However, the director seems to have let the lad do the work and relaxed himself, doing a slipshod job. No excuses either for the on-edge editing done by Antony, owing to which many song sequences appear from the middle of nowhere. Also, the irrelevantly colorful frames proclaim the cinematographer's in-competency.

Vivek's comedy oscillates between tasteless and monotonous, never once serving the purpose. How long can stand to see him play the star-crazed fan of some bombshell? Speaking of which, Malavika plays herself here and shakes her assets for the remixed version of the famous Ilayaraja number 'Aattama Therottama' done sloppily by Prasanna Sekhar.

Verdict: To sum up, you certainly need a brave heart and unbounded patience to watch this!

 Sila Nerangalil
 Vellithirai Thotta  Vambuchanda Akku  Sila Nerangalil
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