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Vaitheeswaran Vaitheeswaran

Vaitheeswaran Movie Review

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Movie review

Starring: Sarathkumar, Meghna Naidu

Direction: Vidhyadharan

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: Annamalai Films Private Limited

The theme of rebirth and reincarnation seems to be reigning high in tinsel town now. First it was Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanthi Om, followed closely by Sila Nerangalil. The latest to join the bandwagon is Vaitheeswaran, directed by debutant Vidhyadharan.

The story is very simple. While on his mission to plunder jewels from a temple, Sayaji Shinde kills a small boy who happens to spot him. Being a witness to this dastardly act and at the same time powerless to counter Sayaji (because of his clout), the boy's mother vows that Sayaji will be killed by her son in his next birth after thirty years on a new moon day. The rest of the film deals with the fears and trepidations of Shinde, and how he goes about combating his death threat. Will Shinde be killed as per the curse?

Talking about performances, Sarathkumar as the psychiatrist has allowed the director to completely mould his performance. He looks much younger and has delivered a very cool and nonchalant performance. In fact among his recent releases, this film showcases Sarath in a fresh and revitalized fashion. Meghna Naidu seems to have understood what is expected from her and has followed a liberalization policy with her costumes! Her glamorous looks is one of the selling points of the movie. Manobala and Santhanam provide the comic relief while Sayaji has put in an earnest performance. As the astrologer, veteran Vijaykumar delivers the goods perfectly.

The pre-interval session of the film proceeds linearly on track, but the first twenty minutes post interval is a little grueling for the audience. However, the film picks up momentum soon after. Reincarnation is a widely debated issue, evincing varied opinions. But this aspect has been discussed in the film back and forth and the director's apprehension on which side to fall is clearly evident. A unique feature of the film is that the hero meets the villain only in the climax sequence. The twists and turns of the movie are enjoyable to an extent.

Srikanth Deva's music is ordinary. But what is different about the songs is that there are only two. Both songs feature a very sexy Meghna Naidu. Cinematography and editing are just passable.

Verdict: Go without expectations and enough time, you might enjoy it.

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