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Kuruvi Kuruvi

Kuruvi Review

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Movie review

Starring: Vijay, Trisha, Suman, Vivek, Manivannan, Malavika, Ashish Vidyarthi

Direction: Dharani

Music: Vidyasagar

Production: Udhayanidhi Stalin

Director Dharani's earlier project Ghilli with Vijay and Trisha was a blockbuster victory that had set some kind of fast paced mood, tempo and expectations about this duo in the minds of their fans. They entered the theatre this evening eagerly to catch this maiden production venture of Udhaynidhi Stalin's Red Giants Movies - produced Kuruvi. The secrecy shrouding the story of the film had also helped in escalating its anticipations to a barometric high.
Scaling high-rise buildings, bowing down to bullets elegantly, Kuruvi opens with Vijay in his best nonchalant style, sending his fans into raptures. If the same care and hard work that had gone into rendering a weighty build up for Vijay had also been employed in the story department, it would have been a Ghilli-like encore for this team. As it happens, Kuruvi flies short of Ghilli.

Vijay having to free his father and his colleagues who have been trapped as slaves under villains Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman forms the crux of Kuruvi. The director has attempted to ride on the twin horses of action and comedy, moving the film at a very rapid pace, while simultaneously depicting Vijay at his humorous best. However, his objective seems to be too elusive and the film sags at various levels.

Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman (Sivaji fame) are compatriots in the quarry business who have given out a contract to Vijay's dad,
Manivannan, in Cudappa, Andhra Pradesh. Diamonds that are otherwise only found in Africa are said to be located in this area, but the government issues a ban to excavate the place owing to the risk of earthquakes. But the baddies force Manivannan to go against the law and make him and his group bonded laborers. Manivannan challenges the villains that his son would avenge him once he learns of this. But Vijay, who is in Chennai, thinks that his dad has gone under cover due to debts and is hopeful of his return one day. Meanwhile, a cheque for 50 lakhs that Manivannan had issued as collateral towards the house, bounces-forcing Vijay to vacate their house. Vijay asks the landlords a week's time to pay back the money and sets out on a mission to Malaysia to find the person whose signature is on the cheque.


He travels to Malaysia as a kuruvi- one who is used as a runner to carry and bring back goods. There he runs into Suman's residence. A scuffle with him results in Vijay stealing Suman's diamond in a Zorro-like costume which leaves Trisha,-Suman's sister, in a mesmerizing trance. She promptly falls in love. Along with her brother, she lands in Chennai in search of Vijay. Each of them search, but with different objectives. How the lead stars reach their respective goals forms the rest of the story.

Producer Udhaynidhi has spent generously which is perceptible in the lavish sets, colorful junior artists, graphics etc. Dharani's favorite music composer Vidyasagar's tunes are already a hit and the melodious 'then then' number is a revelation, both visually and acoustically. Trisha is at her glamorous best. Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman

do not have meaty enough roles to prove their mettle. Camera work and editing is slick. Vivek, who accompanies Vijay, provides occasional comic relief.

If you go to see Kuruvi with lowered expectations, you may end up liking it. But those who are looking for big build-up sequences and large Ghilli-like payoffs - stay away.

Verdict : Kuruvi- a moderate flight

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