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Kadhal Endraal Enna Kadhal Endraal Enna

Kadhal Endraal Enna - Movie Review

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Kadhal Endraal Enna
Movie review

Starring: Diya, Vishwa, Saranraj

Direction: Kalimuthu

Music: K.Bharathi

Production: M.Rajan

That’s what we’d like to know! Because Kadhal Endraal Enna solely banks on Diya. Not that Diya has a profound and meaty role substantial enough for the movie’s existence. With a story that is best left unsaid and a script that even the director did not heed to, Kadhal Endraal Enna remains just that: A list of endless questions.
Saranraj is a tough police inspector who falls madly in love with Diya, the bharathnatyam student. To Saranraj’s dismay, Diya turns a blind eye to his love and showers her love on Veera instead. An infuriated Saranraj determines to wreak havoc in the girl’s life, imprisoning Diya in her home. Now it is left to the hero to rescue his girlfriend.

If the storyline is not good enough to tire you, director Kalimuthu has made sure that there are other aspects to do the job. Like the unreasonable and illogical villainy of a cop (Saranraj), the cliché-ridden love story between Diya and Veera, and the sleazy camera angels that capture Diya’s fleshy buxomness.

All said and done, Kaadhal Endraal Enna is worth watching - endless times - by the director! For what better way for him to realize his bloopers than with a story that could have barely been accepted by the producers of tear jerker sitcoms that air in the afternoons on television?

Verdict : Save some money, after all it is recession!

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