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Vel – Music Review
After a long wait we get to hear songs of a Surya movie, the last time was the memorable Silunnu Oru Kadhal. This one is from a new combination trio of Surya, Hari and Yuvan. Be ready to be hit by a medley of folk numbers since the movie typical of Hari’s is set in rural milieu.

Ottraikannalae - Haricharan, Sucharitha. Lyrics - Hari

A song, that talks about the hero falling in love. A fast number spruced up by some simple rhythmic beats and straight forward lyrics. Quiet a trendy track with interesting instrumentation by Yuvan. Good scope for some exotic camera work. Possibly the one reserved for the lead pair’s Switzerland trip. Haricharan makes the most of the chance.

Kovakkare kiliye – Tippu, Sujatha. Lyrics - Na.Muthukumar

Another song that talks about trying to cajole a frustrated girl. Tippu as usual does a good job, though is in the danger of becoming too repetitive with such type of numbers. Sujatha's voice is refreshing but the beats don't seem to catch on. The use of stringed instruments and nadhaswaram in between does lend a different flavor. Has the potential to grow on the listener.

Indha Ooril - Shankar Mahadevan. Lyrics - Na.Muthukumar

A typical intro song with heavy percussions, a dominant udukai, a folk tune fused with some electric guitar pieces and Shankar Mahadevan to render it. As clichéd a song you can get. Shankar has now done this for every actor possible in the industry. One of the talented singers in the country, hope he shows more discretion in choosing songs from now on. Masses might take a liking to it, but what’s the point in churning out the same kind of songs over and over.

Aayiram Jannal - Vadivelu, Ragul, Premji. Lyrics - Na.Muthukumar

Seems to be a song sung by Surya, on the happy joint family and its constituents interlaced with comical lines rendered by Vadivel. Orchestration seems to be mish mash of wind instruments and folk beats. The lead singer Ragul has done his best. With some interesting lyrics, the song will depend on its choreography to take off. Nevertheless a good attempt.

Thoppul Kodi - Sriram. Lyrics - Hari

A two minute song, sung by the hero, on being neglected by his mother. There is also reference to tussle between the twin brothers. The only slow number in the film, Yuvan reminds you of his dad's legendary melodies. A sad song with native touch to it though sounds a little old fashioned on the flip side. Bolstered by Sriram, the song makes for good hearing nonetheless.

Onnappola - Shankar Mahadevan, Srilekha. Lyrics - Na.Muthukumar

A run-of-the-mill Hari song targeted at the masses. Nothing different to offer, will definitely depend on visuals to save itself. Another kuthu song from Shankar Mahadevan. Not much to write home about.

Hari and Yuvan tread the tried and tested path to give a passable album. That comes as a dampener for Surya's fans. Hope they make up for it in the movie.

Overall rating :
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